Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The good stuff is within

The holiday season can be filled with all kinds of emotions--beautiful wonder and excitement as we enjoy each day, or it can involve stress and even dread for some. It usually depends on our circumstances and/or our ability to feel at peace in spite of some kind of adversity. How wonderful when everything in our life helps make the holiday what it should be, a time of sharing with those we love, renewal of spirit and hope for the future. But, for some, that's not the way it is. It's difficult to feel at peace when alone, missing a loved one, dealing with illness or family upheaval or having an empty pocketbook.
I remember times in my childhood when my single mother had no money to surprise my brothers and me with holiday goodies. Sometimes angels came through for us, but sometimes not. Then there were times when I had little for my own children when their time came. Now some members of my family are no longer here, and I miss them when I think of happy times from the past. And a few years ago, I spent the holiday season in a rehab place after a serious car accident. Now that was a bummer.
But most of us have something we're trying to deal with, don't we? It seems that this time of year makes those bumps in the road really big. So do we suffer through it, or find ways to ease the pain and actually find some joy as we face those challenges? We tend to think that what's good in life is all outside of us, in what's going on around us, but the really good stuff is right there inside, in our mind and heart. Each of us is born with an innate ability to focus within and reach the love and peace that reside there. Yes, I know it takes practice. I'm still practicing. I stop, close my eyes, focus within and allow the peace in my heart to quietly emerge. Not always successful, but I'm getting better as time passes. It's worth finding, if only for a few moments, when we first begin the search. Why not try, and see what happens.
Love, peace and joy to all until next time.


  1. Perfect: you were meant to blog! I've always loved hearing what you have to say, wise friend. Keep up the great writing. Love you.