Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Make a list

I imagine I'm in the same situation as a lot of people in this holiday season, up to my ying yang in as much as I can handle without falling out from exhaustion. And stress keeps rising. I see people running from sale to sale, and the lines at the post office are horrendous. As for me, my TV went out and my bed collapsed, so much of my shopping has been to replace those two items in addition to the cards, gifts and other stuff. What to do?
Well, I'm falling back on my trusty to-do list. I know people who would never make such a list. It's just too much trouble, they say. But that's something I've done for years, and it does make my life easier. I'd rather put something on a list one time than to have it running around in my head over and over until I do it. Once it's on paper, I'm done with it until I get to it. When there are things I need to do that are outside of my usual routine, I put them on a list before bed for the next day. It's quite a freeing experience. Then later I get a kick out of crossing them off as I complete each one. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. The ones I don't finish can go on the next list.
I realize it's kind of hard to begin doing this, but it's gotten to be a real habit with me, and I've found it greatly reduces the stress of all the stuff there is to do in a very busy world, especially when things pile up.
Let me see now--what's on my list for tomorrow? Get an ink cartridge for my printer, order 2 more gifts, call in a prescription refill, and call a friend about a special she might want to watch on TV. I'd forget all of it except for my trusty list. It's nice to live in a world where so much is at our finger tips, but it sure can overload one's mind.
Love and blessings to all until next time.

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