Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rainy Days

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been raining for two days, and I'm sure there are many people praying for the rain to stop. It's like rain is one of those awful things we have to endure in life. Even those who report the weather on TV frown when there's no sunshine in the forecast. Yes, too much rain can be damaging, but is it always our enemy? It feeds the earth and can sometimes feed the soul.
I love sunshine. I need sunshine in my life. But some of my dearest memories are from rainy days. I remember how thrilling it was in my childhood when I'd run outside on a hot rainy day. I can still feel the cool water running down my body soaking me to my toes and the sound of puddles splashing around my legs. The street was usually full of kids giggling while their mothers yelled at them from porches. How can such a sublime treat be something of dread? I think maybe kids know something that too many grown-ups have forgotten.
I've spent most of my life near the Atlantic Ocean, and I've always enjoyed romps in the surf on a hot summer day. My brother and I had a dog named Shep who'd come running out into the water to save us every time he heard us yelling. I think he knew we were only playing, and it was fun for him too.
For a few years I lived in Las Vegas where it doesn't rain much. Sometimes weeks passed without a drop of the wonderful stuff, so at the first sign of thunder I got ready for my romp outside. Neighbors looked at me like I'd lost my marbles, but I knew what I was doing.
We sometimes use the word rain referring to those bumps in the road we all must face from time to time, and we can't always go outside and play when it rains. But we can take a second look. We are offered many contrasts in life, and the degree of our pain and pleasure depends on what we do with them. When the dark days come, we can choose to do our best to dance in the rain, and then bask in the sunny days that follow. And the sunny days do follow
Love, blessings and sunny days to all until next time.


  1. Marilyn,
    Your post is a good reminder that weather can be a choice. Early in our marriage my husband and I decided we wouldn't let weather stop our plans. That choice gave us the opportunity to sit in quaint cafes drinking warm drinks and watching the raindrops splat on the window. It also presented us with thundering rainstorms as we hunkered down in our camping tent, and the exhilaration of hiking mountain trails in the rain. There's always a rainbow out there to be found.