Saturday, December 12, 2009

This time of the year

December 12, 2009

Today is a wonderful time to start a blog, when religious and cultural celebrations are going on all over the world. It's a time of looking over the past year, and feeling new possibilities churning inside. The holiday can open a heart that may have been too closed in the past, and can lead to a renewal of spirit if we let it.
As I think of past holidays like this, I remember some that were so sad I didn't want to see the smiling faces on the street. I didn't want to smell the holly or hear the bells chime. It was more than I could bear. But I survived, and I'm grateful. Otherwise, I would not have known the glorious ones that warmed my heart with immense joy in just being alive. I guess it takes the sad times to appreciate the good ones.
Have you ever been riding in a car, and you ran over a big bump in the road that knocked you off balance for awhile? Then everything leveled out, and you were on your way again. Gosh, that's the way it is in life. When those bumps come, it's not always easy to get out of the way, but if we don't get up after they hit, we won't know the beauty that may be ahead.
I used to curse the darkness I sometimes went through in the past, and I'm still trying to work through some of it, but now I look back and realize how much I learned from it. Maybe we need those bumps to grow and become what we're meant to be.
Spirit is in the air, and we can choose to grab on and feel it. Love, peace and joy are always in our heart. We just have to look inside and find it. Spiritual renewal is within each of us.
If you happen to feel that you have nothing to smile about right now, close your eyes and see Santa's belly jiggling when he laughs. I'll bet it will bring you a chuckle or two. It does that for me.
Love and blessings to all until next time.


  1. Woohoo! You did it!
    Welcome to the Blogoshere!
    Great post and so true! Even if you hit something on the road that knocks your tires out of alignment, you just keep going and learn to adjust to the ka-thump. Or better yet, do something about it!
    Wishing all your ka-thumps are small ones!

  2. Congratulations on your first blog. You offer comfort and hope, rare commodities these days.