Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Do You Do With The In-Between Time?

I can feel this year slipping away. It's almost gone, but the new one isn't here yet. Shall I take stock and rate the past year on a scale of 1-10? Or simply let it go (it will anyway) and look to the beginning of another year? Sometimes it's difficult being in-between. It feels kind of "nowhere." But like everything in life, we need to do something with it except just breathe until another phase begins.
I think I'll take this time to observe--I said observe--the past year and see what I come up with. Looking back, I can see I made a lot of mistakes, but I need to look at them without judgment, condemnation or guilt. I'm really a good person. I just goofed up sometimes. I kept putting off taking the computer course I knew I needed, and the project I tried to do myself on the computer was a real mess until a kind friend rescued me. I also changed my TV cable service to save money, but didn't read the fine print. Oops, it ended up costing more money. And during the summer, I planned to spend more time with my neighbor across the street, but didn't get to it. She's gone now, and it's too late.
I could say there are many things I should have done and didn't, but that would be a waste. I really need to look at my experiences, forgive myself for being imperfect, and examine what I can learn from them. I believe that life is for growing--not regretting. Maybe all those mistakes I made this past year can be turned into opportunities. They can open my eyes to where I've been and where I want to go from here.
The end of a year, or the end of any life phase, is a good time for reflection and vision, if we use it wisely. I think I'll spend this week taking a closer look and turn all those goofs into useful tools for a better year. Here's to better times ahead.
Love and blessings til next time.

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