Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beginning the process to have, be and do.

Oh, my. It's time to begin the process of creating what I want in my life this year. I've given it some thought, but yes, I'm a procrastinator, so now I need to quit spinning my wheels and get to it. I know my car won't run unless I give it some "intention", and that will take getting quiet with some serious thought.
A couple years ago, my niece and I made a treasure map--some people call it a vision board--and that was helpful in our creative process. We cut out pictures from magazines of things we wanted, pasted them on poster board, and used the intention, focus, faith, action and guidance we needed. Amazing. I look at mine every day, and feel grateful for all that has come to me. Not just tangible things, like a new doorknob, a cover on my patio, a new mattress that sleeps like I'm on a cloud, and a new showerhead. But more meaningful things like seeing my kids who live in other states, being able to attend a family wedding, picking fruit in an orange grove, and having two of my stories published.
I didn't create all I had on my list last year, but that's okay. I'll add stuff to this year's list or maybe realize some of it wasn't that important after all. Looking back on the past year helps me decide what I want to create now. Once the stuff I don't want has flown away in the big balloon, I'm better able to get in touch with ideas I can work with. I start out with the excitement of knowing I have choices without old baggage holding me back. Wow. It's great being free to create in a new year. I think I'll start with what I want to have. I'll spend some quiet time making my list of the things, conditions and situations I want to manifest in my life. I can't wait to see what I'll come up with.
This can be a fun time. Come on. Start those ideas flowing. And don't short-change yourself. We're creative beings, so let's create.
I wish you happy times to come.

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