Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Doing Gets Us There.

Whatever we do today will influence tomorrow's quality of life, and we can float through each day without direction or we can think carefully about what we must do today to manifest a better tomorrow. Since we are creative beings, it really is our choice as to what we will do with each day, and our choices make the difference.
When I think about what I want to do, to accomplish, in the coming year, I think about work that needs to be done within. That's where it all starts anyway. It seems wise to begin with an idea as soon as I wake up each morning before my thoughts can take off in all directions and get me side-tracked. My first idea will be to make the day as good as I possibly can. With intention, that will strengthen my motivation. I said I'm a procrastinator, so I need that extra push, especially when I first get out of bed. Each day I plan to spend some time looking inside for the parts of me that need attention. I'll observe my thoughts and feelings more, get to know myself better. Actions are clues to what's going on inside, so I'll watch those too. I don't plan to constantly stand guard--how frustrating--but I can be more alert and work on correcting my weaknesses and expanding on my strengths to grow into expressing more of my true Self.
As for what I'll do on the outside, I plan to get back on my treadmill. Oh, I couldn't handle thirty minutes yet, but I can sure start out with five and work up. I'll write more, submit more stories to publish, and learn to smile while I swallow any rejections. In fact, I intend to smile more anyway--even laugh. I'll laugh so hard my sides will hurt. It's good medicine, and I need some of that. I'll water my plants, sweep off my patio, watch less TV, and forgive myself when I goof up. I'll remember the people in my life, and those I don't know, and love them more. And love myself more. I'll do thousands of things this year, but I'll try to always keep the big picture in mind--a better tomorrow.
I know the bumps will come along my path, but I'll deal with them and not let them spoil my tomorrows. It will be a good year. How about you? The doing gets us where we want to go. Let's get to a better place.
Smile along the way. Blessings.

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