Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time To Be.

What if you had some time with nothing to do--no work, no errands, no problems to solve--nothing. Impossible? Maybe not. We're creators living in a world where everything is expected to get done yesterday, but perhaps we really can create some time to breath in such a world. We spend a lot of time doing, but it seems that "being" is not a part of life, or maybe something we'll get to someday. Everything needs to be replenished, and many of us don't include ourselves in that need. But nothing needs replenishing more than the human soul.

Slowing down is not an "in" thing in or present culture. Often times I read articles with instructions on how to cram two days of doing into one. This is desirable? No wonder we're loaded up with Prozac and Xanax. Chickens run fast, but they have sense enough to enjoy a snooze in the sun. Of course, we have a lot of little messages running in our head condemning us for envisioning a long warm bath with lots of bubbles, spending time with a good book, picking up shells on the beach, or even sitting quietly to daydream. That's a waste of time. Getting things done is honorable, while taking a few hours to regenerate is frowned upon. Or you might say, "There's so much I need to do. I just don't have time for me." Really?

Everything in nature needs balance. Too much rain can drown. Too much sun can burn. Too much "doing" can rob us of the spiritual food we need to thrive and grow. We need to stop, breathe and allow the nourishing energy within us to lighten our load with some sunshine. Yes, everyday is filled with what is ours to do, but it is possible to schedule some quiet time to re-fill the vessel that does all the work. It won't happen unless we create it.

We were given a wonderful mind and body, but we also have a heart and soul that need to be acknowledged and nurtured. Let's find some time for that part of us too and be who we are.

I wish you happy, guilt free quiet time. Smile.



  1. Today I took a long nap and ate whatever I wanted. Now I'm ready to get back into the fast lane tomorrow.

  2. This is a nice quiet time for me today: catching up on your blog and reflecting.