Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Do You Want To Be This Year?

When I think about what I want to be this year, I have to consider who I really am and who I've grown to think I am. The person who lives inside may be quite different from the one I created to portray to the world. Which one do I want to bring out and express more of this year?
When we're children, we pick up clues from our environment about our identity, and we decide that's who we are. But that information may be mistaken, so mistaken that the false image we created prevents us from seeing our true Self. We may feel lost, alone, inadequate, unimportant, stupid, unworthy or any other false label that may have been put there, even unintentionally. We live in that delusion, and wonder why we feel so unhappy with ourselves. When I was a child, it was sometimes too hard being what that image said I was, and I became invisible--a really strange feeling. I always felt there was someone else inside, but I couldn't find her. Then years ago, I began searching for my real Self. It's been quite a journey. I can't count the bumps along the way, each painful, and I still run into them. But as time passes, I know my Self better. It's been said that we're a work in progress. How true that is. But that's our work, to become aware and grow more into an expression of our true Self.
We are not what we do. We are not who something or someone said we are. We are the wonderful creation that has always been there, filled with love, light, peace, compassion, strength, wisdom, ability and any other true part of us that was put there when we were created. Wow. What magnificent creatures we are just waiting to be expressed in all our greatness. Sounds like too much to be true? Well, believe it, because believing can lead to discovery, clear vision and expression.
We created our false image a long time ago, and it brought us much of what we don't want in our life. Now look inside and get to know who you really are. There's power in awareness, in knowing the truth. Work on denying that false image, and nurture the Self you need to 'be'. You are wonderful. You are beautiful. And the world needs to see You.
What do I want to be this year? I want to be more aware of who I really am, have always been, and allow that Self to express as me. Let's take another look, find the part of us that's still inside and let it shine. Who knows what beauty we may discover.
I wish you good hunting and growing in truth.

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