Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Wil You Create This Year?

Isn't it wonderful that again we've been given the opportunity for a new beginning, a whole new year in which to create what we want in our lives. Will it be a repetition of last year, or have we learned enough to make it better? Sometimes I have to remind myself that I use creative power all the time, even if I'm not aware, and unless I consciously work with it, I can create things in my life I don't want. It's one of those God-given powers we use or misuse, and it's up to each of us to follow our path and get where we want to go in spite of, or because of, the bumps along the way.
Life really is an inside job. It all begins in the mind, with an idea, an image of something we want to have, be or do. But the process is necessary to manifest that image. An idea is like a car. Until we start the motor, it just sits there. Intention is the starter. We must intend to go somewhere or we won't move. Then we have to focus on where we want to go and keep faith that we'll get there. Our foot on the gas puts the car into action. But wait a minute--what's the best route to get there? we need an accurate map.
When I'm in this position, I need help. Some people believe in a higher Power--some don't. And that's okay. I'm a live and let live person. But when I need to act on an idea, I need the loving, all knowing voice inside to lead me in the right direction in the right way. That has to be the guiding Power behind the whole process. When I goof up, I know I haven't listened, and I try to do better. Yeah, I'm learning.
So when we think about what we want to create in our life this year, let's remember to use intention, focus, faith and action. And if you're one who believes in that higher Power, listen for right direction. If not, why not try listening anyway. You might hear something useful.
My intention: Create good in my life this year, and believe.
I wish everyone a happy, creative new year.

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