Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Power Of Awareness

Most of us live according to schedules involving routine activities every day, and one day is not much different from another. It's surprising how many people stumble over the bumps on their familiar path and never step back to look at their life. Maybe if we took the time to explore, we would want to make some changes--maybe not. But how can we know without awareness, the key that makes change possible?

We tend to cling to the familiar for various reasons. It feels predictable and safe, it allows us to avoid looking at things we don't want to see, we don't have to change if we don't see the need, and what would other people think if we changed? Running through each day on the same path is like a horse wearing blinders. He's so used to jumping over the boulders in the road, he doesn't realize there's a smoother path available, or maybe his path will become smoother if he just runs fast enough.

Change can be scary, and sometimes we just settle for survival instead of life, figuring this is it. The years pass, and we look back wondering where the time went. What happened? Well, nothing happened. We never took the time to see where we were and where we were going. So now we're still where we were then. And that was the problem.

Learning to be aware can lead to new experiences we never thought possible. Not for me, you say. Well, take the risk. Look outside yourself. What kinds of people and situations do you find? Look inside yourself. Do you find peace or turmoil? If you like what you find, then keep what you have and work on expanding your life for more good. There's always room for growth. But if you don't like what you find, then ask yourself why you've stayed on this path. Did you just not realize, or are you afraid of something? Use the eyes of your mind and heart, and become aware of not only what you're doing, but why.

Awareness is the key that opens life. Now you can work on removing the obstacles and move forward on the path you want. The banquet table is full. Don't settle for day-old bread.

Happy exploring and brighter days ahead.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go, Push, Stop

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like your energy supply is empty, and all you want to do is pull the covers up over your head and disappear? Yeah. We all have those days, and some people have them quite often. But most of the time in a busy world, no matter how we feel, we have to get up and do what's ours to do. That's the way it was with me a few years ago when I went through a health challenge with little energy. So I devised a method to get me going and do the best I could with each day.

First, I began listening to what my body was telling me. We have a Wise self and a foolish self, and we can hear either one we choose to hear. Something inside knows what it's doing and what's best for us, and it will communicate if we listen.

Second, I practiced pacing myself so I wouldn't quickly run into the ground and end up with an empty tank. Whatever I didn't finish one day could wait for the next one.

Third, I began using a system I called Go, Push, Stop. I used Go to accomplish as much as I could. When I felt my energy waning, I Pushed further to do more. Then when my body said Stop, I stopped. I obeyed what my body told me, and I ended up amazed at how much I actually got done without totally draining myself.

Fourth, I learned to forgive myself for falling short when I left some things for later. I used my energy wisely and got something done each day instead of spinning my wheels to exhaustion. I also felt good about myself, which I know promoted overall healing.

Whether it's a lack of energy from a health challenge or one of those times when we all overdo and need to slow down, balance is a key to keep us on the right path. I still use this system and, surprisingly, I get more done than when I don't.

Take care of yourself. You are loved.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

What If

When unexpected situations come into our life, we interpret what's going on and what we can do to resolve the current issue. But while we're working on a resolution, we tend to either see the outcome in a positive way, or we envision all kinds of defeating pitfalls entering the scenario. One way to muddy the path is to play what if, and we fill our mind with every negative possibility we can imagine.

Every day we're confronted with problems that need our attention, and the way we think about them influences outcomes. Playing what if can lead to unnecessary stress and bring the very result we don't want. What if I lose my job--what if I get sick--what if my friend never speaks to me again--and so on. Major problems need major healthy thoughts and expectations. But even minor ones need the same kind of positive thinking.

A few months ago I received a letter regarding an issue I thought was being handled, so I put the letter away and forgot about it. Then yesterday, that Voice inside told me to take a second look. Well, I panicked when I realized I needed to do something. I left a message for a friend who could help me, and then waited for his return call while I played what if. What if he doesn't call--what if I don't get this done on time--what if I owe more money--and so on. finally, I realized what I was doing and turned from what if to thoughts of I trust. At the end of the day, my friend called, and everything turned out fine. But I had wasted most of my day in useless speculation.

We all forget sometimes and get caught up in what if, but we're still learning, and we have the power to choose our thoughts. Practicing right thinking on the small everyday problems prepares us for the big ones. Things may not always turn out as we would like, but while there is energy in fear of the unknown, there is also energy in trusting that our good will unfold. And just learning to put our thoughts in a positive place is a step forward to more positive outcomes.

I wish you happy expectations and a peaceful heart.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Change Comes

When life is going pretty good, it's nice to coast along in the status quo, and we don't want anything to rock our boat. Then there are times when we pray for a change to move us out of the mess we're in and get us over the bump. Either way, change does come. That's another law of the Universe. Things are always moving, repositioning, increasing and decreasing or taking a different form. But nothing stands still.

Some changes are so subtle we don't even notice them. In the midst of a dull brain fog I may notice a tremendous idea quietly creep in. Or I'm amazed at how much dust is on the furniture. I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday. But other devastating changes may hit suddenly, and these can affect our health, finances, relationships, any part of our life.

When I was six years old, my father died. As young as I was I had to adjust to the change that took place in my world. I felt different inside, and I didn't know what to do with the pain. But then other changes came, and I survived. We can't live life in the status quo. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly being moved along our path with no two moments the same. So how do we meet these moments as they come?

We tend to label situations good or bad, and we either resist change or we go with the flow and try to make tomorrow better than today. Sometimes we cling to an uncomfortable situation, because we fear the unknown that change will bring. At least our discomfort is familiar. Or we don't want to change something that seems good. But without change, we would stagnate and deny ourself the fullness of life that change can bring.

Change is inevitable, and it does bring a need for adjustment, but there are times when the outcome may bring a pleasant surprise. Have you ever fought a seemingly negative change, and found later that something good actually came of it? Accept the ebb and flow of life, and be willing to grow with each experience. The journey is bumpy, but well worth the ride.

I wish everyone joy in tomorrow's surprises.


Friday, February 12, 2010


This is the time of year we express our love by giving gifts to our valentine--if we have one. This is great. Love is something we need to share. It brings joy to our heart and puts a smile on our face when we give or receive it. But do we tend to forget to put love into our busy lives during the rest of the year?

We were created in love and as love. We don't have to conjure up anything to produce it. It has always been there. Even when we don't feel it, it's there. It seems like the whole world is longing to be loved, and the love in us yearns to be expressed. Yet we try to conserve our love, as if we have only one pint of it, so must dole it out carefully. And certainly not to ourself. How sad to ration love when we have an endless supply of it.

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe, and its curative powers are immeasurable. It could heal the whole world if we just let it flow to everyone and everything without judgment or requirements. But it's hard to love some people, isn't it? They just don't seem lovable or deserving. But what if we took a chance and loved them anyway?

I remember a supervisor I had who seemed quite unlovable to me. The tension between us was heavy. Then someone told me to visualize her in my mind everyday and send her love. At first I wasn't happy about this plan, but the more I did it, the easier it got. We both began seeing beyond the negative and discovered qualities we had missed the the past. And it changed both of us. The wall came down, and we were then able to enjoy a warm productive relationship. Maybe people like this come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves and the power of love. I choose to believe so.

The love we send out may not come back to us from where we send it, but it will return--sometimes through a channel where we least expect it. What a wonderful surprise. Who knows what blessings will come from just allowing our love to flow freely, without strings, to express as pure love for anyone who may also need a blessing.

I send love to all,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What About Anger?

As children we're told we should never get angry. Impossible. It's a normal human emotion--an emotion that can be destructive or, when dealt with wisely, can lead to personal growth and teach us how to deal with the bumps in our life when we run into them. We can use this powerful energy to work for us or against us.

When I was in my twenties I had a temper--not just a temper, but a really bad one. I yelled, threw things and broke whatever I got my hands on during one of my tantrums. But how strange, it never solved anything. Then on my 30th birthday, I began looking at what anger is, why we get angry, and what we can do with it. Someone said to me, "When you get angry at what someone does or fails to do, don't look at their actions. Look inside yourself to see what, in you, caused you to respond with anger." So I looked inside and began finding answers.

Anger is a signal that something in us has been triggered and needs attention. Is it fear, lack of confidence, an unmet need, or maybe unrealistic expectations? Or something else? Inner reflection is necessary to discover what needs to be changed inside. Once we discover what has been triggered, then we can deal with that. The energy that comes with anger can motivate us to do something we should have been doing anyway, like mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning out a closet or learning to say no.

Sometimes anger tells us we need to change something on the outside too. If a situation can be resolved, then resolve it. If not, then release it, and use your energy for better things. The issue is not that we get angry, but what we do with it to make our life, and those around us, healthier and happier.

Catch anger when it first begins to creep up inside, or it will build on itself and get out of hand. Celebrate each time you deal with your anger in a productive way. You're growing.

Let's turn our stormy days to peaceful ones. The world could use some of that.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Look Into The Mirror

Some people enjoy looking into mirrors. Others avoid them. What do you see when you look into yours? Do you just see the package or do you see the wonder of what's inside? What we perceive has a great deal to do with the quality of our life. Looking past appearances and knowing the truth of what we see can turn boulders into pebbles and replace a frown with a smile. We need to know our vision is clear.

Of course, there's always something we would like to change about the image in the mirror--our world puts emphasis on the package--but oh, what's inside is where the real value lies. We've heard things like, "Beauty is only skin deep" or "Beauty is as beauty does", but do we really believe that? When I was a teenager, I lived in the sun a lot, and I was often teased about my freckles. Eventually, those freckles were all I saw in the mirror, and I didn't see much beauty in that. How could people not see the real me? So I concentrated more on my freckles than who I was inside, and then I didn't see the real me either.

Have you ever watched a child tearing the wrapping off a package to get to the gift inside? The child knows the difference. We see the difference in "things", but we don't apply this to ourselves. I think we sometimes listen to judgments handed to us by others, and don't pay attention to the truth of who we are. We're not the vision in the mirror. We're what's inside the vision.

We can't improve on the perfection that was created in the first place. We already are that wonderful creation. But it's up to each of us to recognize that beauty, embrace it and allow it to shine through. Discovery usually comes gradually, but what a treat to look into the mirror and begin seeing deeper than the reflection--to be able to say, "Yes, I really am a beautiful person." We will find what we look for, and the more we feel this truth, the more it will be reflected in our world.

I wish all the joy of finding Self.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Move Your Mountains

Have you ever tried to have, be or do something, and obstacles kept falling in your path? Frustrating, isn't it? Sometimes everything runs smooth, no glitches, no hang-ups. Success may come easy, and that's great. But other times, nothing you do seems to work. Then you do what you can to relieve the stress, and think maybe it isn't worth the struggle. But will you give up or keep going?

Maybe it's time to back up and take a second look. Our attention is usually so turned toward the outside, that we often don't listen to what's being said inside. Thoughts about our ideas influence how far they will go, so we better have some pretty positive thoughts to move us along. Are you thinking fear, lack, I can't do it, I'm not worthy, or any other defeating notion? These thoughts may be your biggest mountains, and only you can move them.

Life is a time of learning and growing, and we wouldn't grow much without confronting those beliefs inside that hold us back. Deny that those self-defeating beliefs have any power over you, and replace them with the truth about you--there is nothing to fear, I have everything I need, I can do it, I am worthy, I believe in the Power within me to move mountains. Give your ideas positive energy, and they will manifest.

I've found that one of my most powerful tools is faith. I used to think I needed a tremendous amount of faith to move one of my mountains and go forward, but as long as I hold to faith in the Universe to provide, and faith in myself to be guided and strengthened, positive things can happen. When I work on removing an obstacle inside, I notice that the outer obstacles lose their power, and I can move on.

Moving mountains isn't easy. It takes practice and patience, knowing that each overcoming leads you forward. If you encounter something you can't get past right now, it's okay. You haven't failed. Celebrate the mountains you moved and be grateful for those you didn't. They are part of the journey and will serve a purpose. Their time will come.

A happy journey to all.