Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Look Into The Mirror

Some people enjoy looking into mirrors. Others avoid them. What do you see when you look into yours? Do you just see the package or do you see the wonder of what's inside? What we perceive has a great deal to do with the quality of our life. Looking past appearances and knowing the truth of what we see can turn boulders into pebbles and replace a frown with a smile. We need to know our vision is clear.

Of course, there's always something we would like to change about the image in the mirror--our world puts emphasis on the package--but oh, what's inside is where the real value lies. We've heard things like, "Beauty is only skin deep" or "Beauty is as beauty does", but do we really believe that? When I was a teenager, I lived in the sun a lot, and I was often teased about my freckles. Eventually, those freckles were all I saw in the mirror, and I didn't see much beauty in that. How could people not see the real me? So I concentrated more on my freckles than who I was inside, and then I didn't see the real me either.

Have you ever watched a child tearing the wrapping off a package to get to the gift inside? The child knows the difference. We see the difference in "things", but we don't apply this to ourselves. I think we sometimes listen to judgments handed to us by others, and don't pay attention to the truth of who we are. We're not the vision in the mirror. We're what's inside the vision.

We can't improve on the perfection that was created in the first place. We already are that wonderful creation. But it's up to each of us to recognize that beauty, embrace it and allow it to shine through. Discovery usually comes gradually, but what a treat to look into the mirror and begin seeing deeper than the reflection--to be able to say, "Yes, I really am a beautiful person." We will find what we look for, and the more we feel this truth, the more it will be reflected in our world.

I wish all the joy of finding Self.


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