Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Move Your Mountains

Have you ever tried to have, be or do something, and obstacles kept falling in your path? Frustrating, isn't it? Sometimes everything runs smooth, no glitches, no hang-ups. Success may come easy, and that's great. But other times, nothing you do seems to work. Then you do what you can to relieve the stress, and think maybe it isn't worth the struggle. But will you give up or keep going?

Maybe it's time to back up and take a second look. Our attention is usually so turned toward the outside, that we often don't listen to what's being said inside. Thoughts about our ideas influence how far they will go, so we better have some pretty positive thoughts to move us along. Are you thinking fear, lack, I can't do it, I'm not worthy, or any other defeating notion? These thoughts may be your biggest mountains, and only you can move them.

Life is a time of learning and growing, and we wouldn't grow much without confronting those beliefs inside that hold us back. Deny that those self-defeating beliefs have any power over you, and replace them with the truth about you--there is nothing to fear, I have everything I need, I can do it, I am worthy, I believe in the Power within me to move mountains. Give your ideas positive energy, and they will manifest.

I've found that one of my most powerful tools is faith. I used to think I needed a tremendous amount of faith to move one of my mountains and go forward, but as long as I hold to faith in the Universe to provide, and faith in myself to be guided and strengthened, positive things can happen. When I work on removing an obstacle inside, I notice that the outer obstacles lose their power, and I can move on.

Moving mountains isn't easy. It takes practice and patience, knowing that each overcoming leads you forward. If you encounter something you can't get past right now, it's okay. You haven't failed. Celebrate the mountains you moved and be grateful for those you didn't. They are part of the journey and will serve a purpose. Their time will come.

A happy journey to all.


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