Saturday, February 20, 2010

What If

When unexpected situations come into our life, we interpret what's going on and what we can do to resolve the current issue. But while we're working on a resolution, we tend to either see the outcome in a positive way, or we envision all kinds of defeating pitfalls entering the scenario. One way to muddy the path is to play what if, and we fill our mind with every negative possibility we can imagine.

Every day we're confronted with problems that need our attention, and the way we think about them influences outcomes. Playing what if can lead to unnecessary stress and bring the very result we don't want. What if I lose my job--what if I get sick--what if my friend never speaks to me again--and so on. Major problems need major healthy thoughts and expectations. But even minor ones need the same kind of positive thinking.

A few months ago I received a letter regarding an issue I thought was being handled, so I put the letter away and forgot about it. Then yesterday, that Voice inside told me to take a second look. Well, I panicked when I realized I needed to do something. I left a message for a friend who could help me, and then waited for his return call while I played what if. What if he doesn't call--what if I don't get this done on time--what if I owe more money--and so on. finally, I realized what I was doing and turned from what if to thoughts of I trust. At the end of the day, my friend called, and everything turned out fine. But I had wasted most of my day in useless speculation.

We all forget sometimes and get caught up in what if, but we're still learning, and we have the power to choose our thoughts. Practicing right thinking on the small everyday problems prepares us for the big ones. Things may not always turn out as we would like, but while there is energy in fear of the unknown, there is also energy in trusting that our good will unfold. And just learning to put our thoughts in a positive place is a step forward to more positive outcomes.

I wish you happy expectations and a peaceful heart.


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  1. I learned at my mother's knee how to play "What If" and using one of my twelve powers, Imagination, became adept. What a relief (and step in the right direction) to at least recognize when I begin to play it and be able to turn it off in favor of going the 'positive' route! I know you get where I'm coming from. :)