Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make The Choice

Recently I received news that a friend is being faced with one of those situations that gets dumped in our lap and forces us to make a life-changing decision. These situations are more than bumps in the road. They're painful, scary mountains that seem too big to climb. Such an experience can either destroy us or make us strong, and we must make the choice as to which way we'll go.

We move through each day dealing with all the bumps as they come up, but something like illness, divorce, sudden moves, family discord, or loss of income, a job, your home, or a loved one requires more than a band-aid. The wound is open, and it needs healing outside and inside.

Our first reaction is usually confusion and panic. It's easy to get mentally stuck in the midst of the problem, and emotionally frozen in painful feelings. But we know, gut level, we need to make a decision and act upon it. The best place to be now is in the quiet of your own mind and heart. Stop and listen, because that's where your answers are. That's where your comfort is. That's where your strength is. That's where you can choose to climb out of the dark pit and survive in the light. Direction will come, but vision is more clear with a quiet mind and open heart.

There have been times in my life when I didn't think I could survive a situation when it hit me in the face, but looking back I can see the blessing that came from it. And I'm grateful. When you're sitting in a mess, it's hard to see anything else, but say to yourself, "Maybe later I'll see that, in some way, good came from this for all concerned. For now, I just have to get from here to there"--wherever there is for you. Believe in your Self, and make your choice to move forward. You may be surprised how much strength and power the Universe will send your way.

Nothing in nature is always easy. I never saw a rose without thorns, but isn't it beautiful, and doesn't it smell sweet in the spring. Life is not made of smooth highways with bright lights. The journey takes us through many experiences, but we can choose survival over defeat and look forward to the warm days ahead. We already have everything we need to make it.

I wish you rainbows in your future.


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  1. This is a very meaningful and powerful post. Good stuff!