Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who's There? And Why?

Relationships are a vital part of our life and come in various forms. There's not much work involved with the easy ones. They help us through the bumps and put a smile on our face. The difficult ones put bumps in our way and make us work for the smiles. And the impossible ones bring us to terms with what we want and don't want.

We usually move through life with all kinds of people. It's not our nature to live without them. We know how we feel with each person, and we don't question why or what's going on inside of us, but they're reflections of our self and opportunities to learn who we are. Some are temporary. Some are forever. But each one is there for a purpose--a blessing and/or a lesson.

One time I had an impossible supervisor. I tried everything to get along, sincerely put my heart into it, but nothing changed, and my life was miserable. I was just about ready to change jobs when I received a wonderful job offer that took me out of the situation. As I looked back, I realized I had learned a lot from this experience. My supervisor was one of those impossible people who was in my life to help me learn and grow, and I was there until our relationship had served its purpose.

Do you ever take the time to look at the relationships in your life? Are you grateful for those easy ones? How much work are you willing to put into improving the difficult ones? And do you really need to keep the impossible ones? We have the power to choose who we want in our life and what we do with them once they're there. So it might be wise to look around and decide which ones are worth some work and which ones no longer serve the highest good in either person and can be released.

Look for the good in your relationships, and you'll find it, even those impossible ones that you eventually release from your life. Everyone is there for a purpose, and each one is valuable.

Next time I'll write about some ways to work with the difficult ones. You'd like to keep some of those, wouldn't you?

I wish you happy times with all those valuable people in your life.



  1. Hi,
    I know what you mean, I am learning a lot from my relationships, and I know there are many that have struggled at times with their relationship with me.I always am amazed at times that I have been difficult and I feel unlovable. There are these constant forces in my life, people that come back with a smile, and look at me as if to say yesterday has passed now lets start fresh.