Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Will To Life

Challenges come into our lives everyday. Some we can handle quickly, some hang around and become difficult, and some are never resolved. But each one tests our ability to go beyond just existing and coping. We're meant to live life as fully as possible, and each challenge is a tool to help life become what we want it to be. How do you view the challenges in your life? Are they thorns in your side, or opportunities to rise above where you are now? Perception influences outcomes.

The whole universe moves in cycles. We see them in the change of seasons, and we see them in our own lives. But there is also a constant within every living thing--the will to life. Today, a walk around my neighborhood brought this truth to my attention. Even here in Florida, we just came through the hardest and longest winter I have ever known, but now trees, bushes and plants are pushing forth to be what they were meant to be. Bare limbs have green leaves sprouting, and bushes are full of bright red, pink and white blossoms. Color is breathtaking. It all seems to be shouting, "I'm alive." This will to life could not be stopped by the frigid cold and biting winds.

Aren't we as great as nature? We all know the challenges we face in our lives, some so severe we think we can't survive, much less live through them. But perception influences outcomes. Instead of seeing the challenge as something that can destroy you, see it as something that can strengthen you and bring you closer to what you want to be, and move through it to a better place. Usually, challenges do pass through our lives, but if it's one that doesn't, know that you can rise above it and find peace with it. The will to life is always greater than the challenge. I know, sometimes we search, but don't find it. But the search need not end in despair.

Living is beyond existing, and you may have to just exist before you can live. That's okay. But never give up. Get angry. Shake your fist and stomp your feet. Say, "This challenge will not conquer me." Grab that will to life from deep inside, and hang on until you feel the life that is you. The more you live through the small challenges, the stronger you will be in the big ones.

Life is for living. Live it in love and peace.


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