Saturday, May 1, 2010

Changing Gears

Do you ever get frustrated when something doesn't work the way it used to? It worked before. Why not now? We want everything and everyone to stay the same. It's easier that way. But we live in a changing world, and while some of the old ways are worth hanging onto, if we cling to everything from yesterday, we leave ourselves open to disappointment today.

I remember when the world was quite different from the way it is now, and I choose to keep things like honesty, integrity, helping my neighbor and taking time for the people in my life. But the world has moved me into places I didn't want to go. We're now obsessed with new and better, but sometimes new doesn't mean better. I still have the iron that my mother used when I was a child, that I used when my children were growing up, and beyond. It finally died a few years ago, and I had to give in and buy a new one. How long does an iron last today?

For years I've gone to the same department store, because I could find what I wanted for a reasonable price. Well, today I couldn't find anything I wanted. They've changed their stock and prices have increased. I was sooo frustrated, and I finally realized it's been like that for the past year. Why have I kept going back there? Did I really think they'd go back to the old way? Dumb. So now I have to move along or set myself up for another unpleasant experience.

The same theory applies as people change. We get used to the way we relate to certain people, and if they act different, we feel confused and want them the way they used to be. But we have to adjust if we want to keep them in our life.

Life's too short to spend it longing for something we no longer have. There's much joy in the present, but we have to be willing to reach out and explore new ways to function. I intend to find a new department store, and I'll buy another iron when I need one. And when something or someone else changes, I'll learn from the experience. Life is about growth, and I can't grow with my feet in mud from the last rain. The new rain always has new puddles. Might be fun to explore them.

Happy hunting