Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Circle of Energy

The whole universe is energy, and our thoughts, words and actions produce energy. Sometimes we wonder why things in our life are not working as we'd like. Well, maybe we need to take a look at the kind of energy we're producing, and what kind is coming into our life. We can't avoid the negative. It's part of being in the human condition. But we have the power to accept what we want, reject what we don't want, and create our own positive energy.

Recently, some negative energy came my way, and it immediately got my attention. Once in a while I get comments on my blog written in Chinese. Yeah. Usually, they're really nice, and I enjoy reading them--after translation, of course. But the last one was a real whopper. The name of the sender was listed as ElvisS_Scholten0188 (numbers?), and the message seems to be advertising a free adult erotic sex video. Wow. I'm stunned. It appears this person's soul never elevated above reprobate. Evidently he has chosen the space in which he wants to live, and is content wallowing in his dirt. It's kind of sad. What a way to live. Anyway, I reject his energy.

The ignorant don't know they're ignorant. Maybe that's why they're ignorant.

In spite of the negative energy in the world, there is a lot of beauty too. But we need to monitor our thoughts, words and actions to see it. Sure. No one is perfect. And we can't avoid seeing decay, sadness and suffering when it comes our way. But we can turn on some good energy and bring smiles, butterflies and sunshine. What we reject or accept is our choice, and our own thoughts, words and actions can have a powerful influence on the quality of our life and the lives of others. Say no to the negative stuff, embrace the positive, and produce lots of good energy in your own world. Besides, good energy makes you healthier and happier.

I wish you peace, joy and wisdom in your world.



  1. I wondered about that Chinese stuff. I've heard of others who have had to close down their blogs and start over because of negative comments. I think there is a way to screen the comments so that might cut down on some of the stuff.

    I'm reminded again of that garden in the middle of the parking lot on Phillips Highway. Talk about seeing beauty in the middle of nothing. This seems to be a constant theme in my life these days. Maybe I should start paying attention!

  2. 不要把生命看得太嚴肅,反正我們不會活著離開。 ..................................................