Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been so busy marketing my book, among a bunch of other stuff bombarding me, that I've decided to start posting a blog once each week instead of twice. I feel like my mind is overloaded, and my emotions are on shaky ground. Ever feel like that? Something inside says stop, back up, too many bumps to handle all at one time. I need some room to breathe. Yeah, we've all been there. So what's the answer? I'm working on it.

Make a habit of self-awareness. Usually, when things come up, we can't just say go away. Most of it needs to be handled. But we're so busy focusing on the outside, we forget to look at what's going on inside. And if we're not aware of our feelings on an ongoing basis, we can become overwhelmed without realizing it until we're immobilized and unable to get anything done.

Stop and regroup. Take a few minutes several times each day to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and monitor your feelings. Happy, sad, calm, anxious, stressed, pressured? If you're comfortable inside, express gratitude and move on. If not, identify the feeling and a possible stressor. Is too much going on at one time? Is there something you're dreading? Did you forget to do something you needed to do? Are you doubting yourself?

Use a mental cubbyhole to store what you can't get to now.
If the stressor is something you can't tend to at that time, then create a cubbyhole in your mind where you can store the issue until you can get to it. At least that gives you some sense of control until you can take it out and deal with it, rather than allowing it to stress you out. Later when you have some time, take the issue out of the cubbyhole and figure ways to deal with it. Remember you're in control. Now you can choose what to do.

Make a list and prioritize. You'll be surprised at how much can be postponed for a while. That gives you breathing time and lowers your stress level. Just don't let yourself get overwhelmed before you realize what's happening.

One step at a time. Let it be okay that you can't do everything at once.

Now comes the best part. Put on some soft music, take off your shoes and put your feet up, breathe deeply and thank God for creating the beautiful, capable person you are. And smile. It's good for you.

I wish you peace as you walk through each day.