Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save The Good Times

Sometimes we feel overburdened with all the problems that come into our life. Good things happen too, even small ones, but the bad stuff seems to push them aside, so we don't even notice. All we can see is a plate that's too full. It might help to have a way of refocusing our mind in a better place. How about creating a bag for the good stuff, so we can reach in each day and bring out a happy memory.

Recently, I gave a short presentation at church about my book that has been published. I thought I'd say a few words and that would be it. Well, my Minister had put a celebration of my book announcement in the church program, and someone had furnished a cake with the front cover of my book reproduced in icing on top of the cake. I was sooo amazed and pleased, not only for what they did, but because it came from love in their hearts. That's one memory I definitely will keep and bring up when I run into one of those bumps along my way. Just thinking about it changes my mood.

I've also been making an effort to find more beauty everyday in my surroundings. It's not always easy, but today I worked on it. I noticed the irises in bloom and a red cardinal in the yard. (Good visuals) And I got smiles everywhere I went. Do you think it might be because that's what I was looking for? Hmmm.

I know there are times when we're so frustrated, or even angry, that we don't want to see any beauty. I have a right to be in a funky mood. I'm justified to feel this way. It isn't fair. Well, all of that may be true, but I'll bet if you looked deep inside, you really do want to feel some peace and joy instead of the angst you're caught in now.

Savor and save those happy memories and pull one out of the bag when you need it--even if you don't feel like it. C'mon. Make yourself do it. You'll be glad you did, especially when it becomes a habit that will add some joy to each day and lessen your struggles.

I wish you happy memories relived.



  1. This makes me think of a new blog I was directed to. Another published author! A character in her latest book speaks of a "Comfort List". So in her blog post she writes a list of things that bring her comfort. Sounds like your bag of good memories. I think I'm going to have to do this exercise!

    P.S. I love Iris (es?). I didn't know they would grow here. Are they bulbs?