Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Each of us is unique, no two alike. We express from our human self and our spiritual Self, but we rarely think about expressing anything. We just think, feel and act without searching for the unexplored wonder that lies within, that part of us that needs to be nurtured and expressed in our life. And we miss out on the joy of being more of who we are.

I don't believe that life should be wasted. When something isn't used, it either dies or lies dormant. Sometimes a talent stays hidden for a lifetime, only peeking out occasionally to nudge us, a nudge that we ignore, not believing that we have anything worthwhile inside. It's saying look at me...I'm part of who you are, and I need expression. Self-discovery is one of life's greatest blessings. We just need to look inside and find all the good stuff. The next step is learning to let it shine in the world.

I belong to a writer's group, very talented writers. Some have been published, and some are just beginning to believe in themselves enough to submit pieces for publication. Recently, one of the writers had her first piece published. She's ecstatic, and we're all sharing in her happiness. Writing is one way Mary and the others in the group express part of who they are, and we all find joy in this expression.

Each person expresses in different ways, tangible and intangible, and to different degrees. But the value of each gift is immeasurable. You can't touch a smile, but it can turn someone's heart in a new direction. The sweet smell of a flower you've grown may linger in memory for years, and the sound advice you give to someone may make a difference in the rest of their life. Fixing your neighbor's bike may illicit a rare smile, and maybe someone really needed to hear the joke you told. We have no way of knowing the impact our expressions will have. We just need to use the gifts we've been given, and let the energy do its work.

The saying goes, Let your light shine. Being the light that you are, in whatever form it may take, will bring joy to you and others that's meant to be.

Whatever your gifts, express them.