Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What an illusive phenomenon time is. We use it, misuse it, and waste it. We anticipate it and measure it. We laugh and cry with it, rely on it, fear it, and regret it. We live our lives with it. But is it really just something we've created to give our lfe structure, purpose and meaning? Is there really anything more than now with what we call the past being memories and the future being visions of the mind? I don't know, but whatever time is, it has a strong influence on our nows.

I'm particularly aware of the time element when I observe a major life change. This is when we must experiene a transition from our experience of one time period to another, and we have visions of past and future. I'm house-sitting for a friend who took her daughter to enter college in another state. I watched the daughter grow from a tiny infant to the young woman she has become, and right now I have a strong sense of time with quite an array of emotions, a mixture of sadness and joy.

Today, I wandered through the house observing reminders of her--the few clothes she left in her closet, the empty place where her computer sat, open boxes of gluten-free food, the piano she couldn't take with her, old CDs and pictures of Beyonce, the teddy bear on her bed, pictures of long ago, and a stale cup of tea from who knows when on her dresser. Where did the time go?

She, her mother and I reminisced about the past and spoke of the good yet to come in the future. This observance of time helps in situations like this--leaving the old and moving into the new--but there is still the transition time to deal with. Time is not always a pleasant commodity. We see this as a good time, but the human need to look back can be painful, because there are things in the past we want to hang onto. But we can't hang onto time. We have created a moving entity, so we have to let it move. All we can do is keep our happy memories, live our present the best we can, and create a future we look forward to.

Time has a way of taking care of itself, especially if we stay in the now as much as possible. Isn't that all there is anyway? Live it well, and find joy in visions of the future. Make it whatever you want.



  1. So true.
    I remember well, dropping my daughter off on an LA street as she headed to college. I was freaked out, she had excitement and wonder in her eyes. She has had many transitions since. Time has a way of moving on. God gave us memory so we would have roses in December.

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