Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Can I Learn?

On our journey through life, some of the bumps we encounter can be very uncomfortable, even painful. Some people suffer with them more than others. Two people can face the same type of dilemma, but with quite different responses. This may be due to a number of factors, but one important difference may be the way the dilemma is interpreted--calamity or opportunity.

Our inner Voice is always pushing us to move forward to more of what we can have, be or do in life. Some listen. Some don't. Those who don't listen tend to live a life of status quo, and that's okay if that's what they want. But for those who want to expand and grow, it's wise to listen to that inner Voice and ask what we can learn from whatever life brings up. Some of our greatest opportunities come in the form of challenges that test us to the limit.

Even when we look for a lesson in a challenge, we may not see it at the time. But knowing there is something there for us will probably bring an answer at a later time. In my younger days, I struggled with anxiety and depression and saw nothing beneficial in any of it. But then I returned to school and had a wonderful career in the Mental Health Field as a psychotherapist. Now I know those early years prepared me for work I thoroughly enjoyed, and I was able to help others. I'm grateful for all those years. Now there are times when I stomp my foot and say, "No more. I'm tired of learning. I just want to glide for a while." But I know I have to make a choice--stand still and wrestle with the pain or learn from the experience and move forward, stronger and more at peace within myself.

We can choose to meet a challenge with a defeated attitude or we can use it to our advantage. We may have to suffer anyway, but what we do with it helps determine where we go from there. And discovering more of the wonder of life can be a good way to go.

Watch new doors open each time you pass an obstacle with knowledge.



  1. When I was working a 12-step program, I used to shake my head in disbelief when a person would share something like, "I'm glad my kid got into this kind of trouble." Of course, they weren't glad for the problems, but glad that there was a program, a different way of seeing/doing things, hope for a different future. After I'd been in the program long enough I got to the point where I could see the value of the challenge.

    The problem is it's hard to remember the lesson when you are in the middle of the storm!

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