Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Do You Need?

As long as our needs are being met, we don't think much about what we need. But when something is lacking, we may suffer physical, mental or emotional discomfort, and have no idea what's causing those feelings. Sometimes we suffer without question.

Our body will tell us what's going on, but just feeling the discomfort isn't enough. We have to stop and pay attention to hear our body's message. There have been times when I was in a bad mood for several days. I felt lousy and wanted to feel better, but didn't think to question what was going on inside. Finally when I did, an aha discovery led to ways to fill a need I was missing. Now I try to pay more attention to what may be lacking. Sometimes, just a hug is the answer.

No one has a perfect situation--life isn't perfect--but we can do our best to assure that we have what we need each day to live a healthy, happy life. How can you fix an uncomfortable situation if you don't understand what's lacking? It's like having an itch, but you don't know where to scratch. Is the stress coming from being tired or hungry? From worry over a life problem? From feeling angry or lonely? From feeling distant from your Higher Power? Well maybe you need rest or food, or to clear your mind and see something more realistically, or your emotional state needs attention, or you need to renew connection with the one you know as the Voice inside. Once you identify the lack, you can address the situation and your response to it.

Most of the time, all we need is a minor change in a present situation, but it's wise to periodically take a good look at our overall life style and see if a change is needed there. However, finding ways to satisfy each sense of lack as it arises can sometimes create a whole new perception of a larger picture. Life itself will look better. The little things won't nag as much, and you may find joy you didn't know was there.

Be good to yourself. You're worth it.



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