Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taming The Ego Self

We tend to think of bumps in the road on our journey through life as what goes on outside of us. And, yes, those can be considered bumps--sometimes boulders. But the real ones are inside of us. It's not what's happening in life that does us in, but how we respond to it that does the damage. However, today we live such busy lives that many of us rarely take the time to check what's going on in there. We simply act.

Have you ever felt there are two of you inside? Well, one can be called the ego self and the other the Higher Self. Both are intrinsically good, and we function from both. But sometimes the ego self can make a real mess of things. Early on, it created a recipe for living with values, traits, beliefs, and everything connected with who we think we are and how the world works. And we follow this pattern, hoping it will get us where we want to go. This can be productive or destructive--probably some of both. When issues come up in our life, we tend to see what we're used to seeing without paying attention to how we're responding, and we sometimes set ourselves up for defeat.

When we come from our ego self in unawareness, the mountains we climb may seem too high. But when we allow our Higher Self to guide us, our way is more clear and peaceful. Those mountains will seem more like opportunities to work through and grow from rather than the struggles we knew in the past.

The ego can be your greatest strength or weakness, so it must be taught to listen and obey. It has been said that the ego should be the servant, not the master. Each of us can work on making this so. When you need help with any outer situation or inner turmoil of any kind, be willing to let go of any thought or feeling that is non-productive. Then go within and ask for what you need. Stop, and listen to the quiet voice inside. Your Higher Self will always answer with love, wisdom, guidance, peace and comfort.

Don't expect the ego to change willingly. It has a stubborn streak and may resist change. But, with practice, your ego self will learn to serve you well, with good resolutions on the outside and love and peace on the inside.

Happy traveling.


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