Wednesday, September 15, 2010

U Turns

Well, here I am totally unprepared to enter something in this blog that has been thought out ahead of time. And that's because my plans had to take a U turn. Ever been there? Ever had plans firmly in your head, and something popped up with, "Sorry, gotta go another way now?" In a case like this, you can sweat over it or change your direction. But you gotta choose which way to go.

Last night around 11 pm, I returned from visiting my son and family in Seattle. It was a most wonderful visit, one I look forward to each year, and each visit is a treasured memory. This one was especially great, because I spent my birthday with my kids. The last day there,we cancelled seeing the salmon come in on the ships, because we were too exhausted. Then I made the long trip home from Seattle to Florida, so I was then past being exhausted. All I wanted to do today was unpack, rest and think about a message for my blog. Well one was dumped in my lap when I spoke with a friend who's sick and in need of help. I didn't need to give it much thought. I just put my plans on hold and made my U turn. Now here I am at her house, and this is where I want to be right now.

We never know when something will pop up and change our direction, and sometimes a quick decision has to be made. At those times, we need to give each alternative the amount of consideration that's needed, make the decision and move on it. If you decide to shift gears, then so be it. But don't linger, fret, or moan about the plan you gave up. Let the other plan go until you can get back to it. Or let it go altogether. I'm at my friend's house now, and I can stew about not being home with my original plan or I can look for the good that can be done here, and find joy in this time.

When making decisions, the mind and heart need to be used together. The mind will give you alternatives, and the heart will give you insight and direction. Listen to both, and your way will be clear. I believe we are where we need to be at any given time, to find something we need or want, to help someone, or to learn something. Much of life is outside of our realm of consciousness, but it all matters. Listen carefully, and go with your flow.

Take the high road and find joy.


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