Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Depression Pit: Part 1

Last week as I watched the miners in Chile being rescued from underground, I couldn't help thinking about other kinds of dark pits that we humans experience--the kind we can't see or touch, but just as frightening--a place called depression.

There are times when everyone feels a degree of depression. It's part of our human experience. But some feel it down to a desperate place of soul suffering. Just as no one can fully understand the pain those miners went through, no one can fully understand the pain of depression unless they've been there. But the darkness, fear and despair can be equally painful. And being in a dark pit seems like an appropriate analogy.

As long as we're in the human condition, we're exposed to painful experiences--some on the outside, some on the inside, and some in both. But with depression, no matter the source of the pain, it seems to hurt everywhere. It can actually immobilize us to a state of inertia where it feels like a permanent condition from which there is no escape.

But just as those brave miners escaped, there is hope for those who know the prison of depression. There is in each of us a will to life. It's our greatest gift--the key to freedom. We can use it if we search and find it. One step is one step closer to abundant life, and the first step could be intention.

"A good intention clothes itself in power." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next time, I'll talk about some steps we can take to crawl out of the dark pit. There is a way out, even if we can't see it when we're at the bottom. The light is there.

Peace be with you 'til we meet again.