Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Body

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live? Unknown source.

Your body is more than the house you live in. It's the barometer that tells you what's really going on inside. Everything that has ever happened to you is stored in the body, and this is reflected in many ways. Your body remembers, and you can't fool it, no matter what your mind may be thinking. If you listen, it will tell you when you need to correct a problem.

We spend a lot of time running from one place to another with our very important busyness. If we let up for a minute, Chicken Little might start yelling the sky is falling. And we wonder why we have indigestion, can't sleep, become agitated, etc. Then we see the doctor and get some pills to remedy the situation while we continue running from one place to another with our very important busyness. Sound familiar?

When I'm highly stressed, I'm usually not aware of it until my body starts telling me something is wrong. I get a headache, bellyache, feel anxious or depressed, shallow breathing, can't sleep, etc. That's when I get that aha revelation, and start listening to my body. I mean really listening to hear what it has to tell me. Once I do that, I can work on releasing what's stressing me. (Which I should have done in the first place)

Releasing is a key to having a healthy body. Each night when the days activities are over, create some quiet time to reflect upon what took place during that day. Smile with gratitude for the good stuff, and work on letting go of the stressful stuff. Remember--it all went into the body, and the body will reflect what it's given. The good stuff feels good. The bad stuff doesn't.

Maybe you can make tomorrow better than today. And tomorrow, as you go through the day, listen to your body for direction--maybe to slow down, maybe to speed up, maybe to eat or not eat. You will be directed in a right way, according to what you're feeling in your body. So it's wise to take care of this intelligent vessel, and allow it to take care of you.

I wish you health, with a good ear to listen.


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  1. This is an interesting point. I have for many years been living on a lack of sleep and energy drinks. Just recently I lost my job. I have taken this time to catch up on sleep. I feel 100% better. I have also just started a self help plan. Hopefully, with a some rest and a new attitude things will turn around for me.