Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keep The Season

Now that the holiday season is ending, we're sorting through gifts and packing away gift bags and bows for the next time. Now we want to leave the gift-giving and hoopla behind and focus on the coming new year. Really? Why would we want to do that? Is it custom--habit--what everybody does? How sad to not take the spirit of the season with us into our new year. If we feel it in our heart, we can call on it at any time. If not, we can work on developing it.

A long time ago I was head cocktail waitress in an NCO Club in Abilene, Texas. It was the month of July in the 1960's and the bar staff had some Christmas music put on the jukebox in the ballroom. What a brilliant idea. Our workdays and nights were transformed into joyful, happy, uplifting experiences every time we came to work. The patrons loved it so much our tips increased, and complaints disappeared. Then one of the managers decided it was not appropriate, and the music was removed. Of course, we were disappointed, but we kept the aura of the holiday that the music represented, and most of the time we maintained the spirit of the time. Over the years, this experience helped me take the spirit of each season with me into the new year. No, I'm not always successful, but awareness and effort have probably brought more joyful experiences than I would have had otherwise.

Of course, we feel fatigue and stress in a holiday season, but there are many ways to keep the peaceful spirit of the season alive throughout the whole year. We can give tangible gifts, but that isn't always necessary. Think about what made you and others happy during the season. What did you see, hear and feel? More smiles and kind gestures? More happy voices and inspiring music? Did you feel joy and peace in your heart? These are all free, and yours to create at will. Yes, grinches and bah-humbugs will always be around, but whether or not they spoil your holiday spirit is up to you.

What you express in your own life is what most others will respond to, so express what you would like in your life. Allow the good energy to move in both directions, and enjoy the movement of spirit in your world. Nurture each thought, action and feeling with love, and your year will be filled with the meaning of the season.

I wish you holiday spirit every day of the year.


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  1. Marilyn,
    This is a great message. An important one for me at this time. I can't say I was too merry during the holidays. In fact I threatened to cancel it several times. But I caught a smile and twinkle in my Sweetie's eye and knew it was important to go through the motions. Lo and behold, I found myself feeling better. Now to carry it forward. I look forward to putting these suggestions into practice.