Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Receive Your Good

Last week I wrote about ways to replace a negative approach to life with a positive one, thus raising our vibrational energy to attract an abundance of the good we want to experience. Once we raise this vibrational level, our good will come. It sounds great. But go a step further. How much are you willing or able to accept? Yes, there are those who do the abundance work well, but then unknowingly block their good, and wonder why the process isn't working. They say to the Universe, "I really want this, but I can't receive it."

Some people receive as freely as they give, but others sadly find a strange discomfort in receiving. They sense a blockage inside, but have no clue about where it's coming from. There is much in our subconscious of which we are not aware. We're taught as children that giving is good, but receiving is selfish, we're not deserving, we could never reach lofty goals, etc. We may also be holding onto resentment or limiting attachments toward people or experiences in the past or present. Any of these produce negative energy and can inhibit our ability to receive what the Universe is waiting to give us.

Desire and want are steps in acquiring abundance, but an important part of receiving them is through our gift of forgiveness and release. As we forgive and release those old negative beliefs, attitudes, people and experiences, we make room for the new.

A few years ago at my job, there was conflict between my supervisor and myself. As much as I tried, she was constantly on my back about something. And I resented her. Then I tried forgiveness and release. I pictured her in my mind and said, "I forgive you, I bless you, and I release you to your highest good." I did this several times each day for about a month, and I gradually felt our relationship change. I stayed at that job for several more years, and the peace and fulfillment I wanted in my work manifested.

Do what is yours to do as you are guided. You are a wonderful, precious child of the Universe, so open the gates and freely welcome the sunshine in. It may be brighter than you ever imagined. And while you're at it, throw some around to someone else. You have an infinite supply.

I wish you much sunshine in your life.


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