Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hang On

When I watch the news on TV I'm taken all over the world to one tragedy after another, and my heat goes out to each person. These wounds are of a magnitude that most people will never experience, but as tragic as they are, they're part of the human experience. There is no life without the pain of living. Each of us is on our own unique journey, and whatever is on one path may not be on another. We never know what each tomorrow will bring, and what kind of a trial we might face. But we all survive the same way.

Some experiences are extremely hard, as those going on around the world, while others seem less demanding, but each one is part of life and must be faced with understanding and courage. Pain comes on many levels, from a stubbed toe to life shattering devastation. Many have felt the pain of physical hunger, personal loss, deep loneliness, tormenting illness, financial need. The list goes on. But every problem serves a purpose. Challenges that come into our life can teach us compassion and how to love. They can help us realize our strength in overcoming. And they present us with opportunities to discover something we need on our journey to grow and become more of what we're meant to be.

Know that no matter what the test, no matter how deep the pain, you can survive. Even in the darkest times, you're never alone. You came into the world with all you need to sustain you in any situation, and there is something so powerful within you that it will not let you drown. Call upon that Spirit part of you that knows all your struggles and loves you through them all.

The greatest healer of all pain is love. When you direct love instead of fear to a situation, you allow Spirit to heal. Love yourself. Love every cell that is you. And send your love around the world to all of those who need love right now. We're all on the planet Earth together, so let's share the love. Allow yourself to be lifted above whatever is holding you down, and keep your eye on the future to a better life--a better you. Hang on, and don't let go.

It's been said that time heals. It does, when we live it with love. I wish you love and peace within.


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