Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Everything in the universe moves in cycles. I think this is something we rarely think about, but these cycles are necessary to life. The moon tells the oceans when to ebb and flow, the seasons tell us when to sow and reap, and darkness tells us when our day should end. Everything is constantly in cycle, and each cycle offers some kind of rebirth. Most of these rebirths are subtle and go unnoticed. We take so much for granted. But we could find much joy in life if we consciously allowed ourselves to experience these changes as they come. When we wake up each morning, yesterday is gone, and we're given a brand new chance. Isn't that spectacular?

My favorite time for rebirth comes each spring. That's when trees turn green, flowers burst forth from buds, bears come out of their caves, butterflies emerge from their cocoons, cats lay in the warm sun, and newness of life is everywhere. One of my fondest childhood memories is when I was in elementary school in Michigan, and I went on a field trip to see the tulips blooming. When I saw the life in that field of tulips, I felt life in myself, like we were part of each other in God's great universe. It's all laid out in perfect order for us to enjoy.

Nature is beautiful in the spring with rebirth everywhere. But what about us? Do you ever think about rebirth within yourself, or are you content to continue living in the old script you've written for your life? Everyone creates a script. It's like a recipe for living, and we act it out every day. We may have visions or dreams of how we'd like to change it, but most of the time those fade away, and our springs come and go as they always have.

How about taking a lesson from the tulips, or the butterflies, or like the bear, be brave enough to come out of your cave. Within each of us is a Light so bright you can write a whole new script for yourself and experience rebirth with those visions and dreams you've allowed to go unfulfilled. We've been given the gift of rebirth, a chance to allow the old scripts to die as we blossom anew.

Think about what rebirth within you would mean. Size doesn't matter. Little blossoms are as beautiful as the big ones. It's springtime. Just accept your rebirth and blossom in your own way.

Spread your wings anew.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Healing With The Masters

We live in a world where everyone seems in a race to get somewhere, but many have no idea where they're going. They're just trying to keep up with the crowd. No goals, no purpose, just running fast enough to provide food, clothing and shelter, thinking body and mind is all there is, and anything else can take care of itself. But I think we all know, gut level, there's more to us than that. And if we're quiet long enough to listen, we'll hear that sacred part of us wanting expression.

Our human condition has been called the school of life, and that's pretty much what it is. We're here to grow and learn how to express our true Self, that part of us that we so often ignore and/or take for granted. But some lessons are difficult, and we get tired.

I've been learning my lessons for a very long time, and I've released many blockages to my awareness of Self, but there are times when I want to give up. I don't want any more lessons. I don't want to learn any more. I'm tired. I just want out of this school. Etc. And I suffer. But then something catches my attention, and I'm back in the learning mode.

Recently, I found Healing With The Masters, Season 7, a teleseminar, or audios, of interviews with well known authors, speakers, and teachers who present a variety of healing modalities, with insight regarding Who I am, and how I can express my true Self. These interviews run from March 8th to May 26th, with two each week which can still be heard within 48 hours after the original presentation. So far I haven't heard much I didn't already know, but oh, how I needed the reminders. Some of the topics I'm looking forward to are: Who Am I, The Soul Truth, Bright Light, Unstoppable, Touch of Grace, Commitment to Love, The Mother of Invention, Midnights With the Mystic, Spiritual Liberation, Heart and Divine Essence, and Keys To the Kingdom. If any of you would like to join me on this enlightening journey, you can register with your email at Then you'll receive each presentation.

I listen to these interviews with an open mind, taking what feels right to me and leaving what doesn't. I've learned that when I need something for my soul growth, something will certainly pop up. And I'm grateful.

Yes, our lessons can be difficult, but we're never alone in our search for truth. Spirit is always there with love, strength, guidance and whatever tools we need to move forward. Keep searching and learning. The blessings are great.

I wish you exciting and fulilling discoveries.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steven Halpern's Music

Sometimes life isn't easy, and each day we face bumps in the road on our journey. I think life's pretty good most of the time, but there's usually enough stuff on our path to cause some anxiety, worry and stress. So each day we need to say stop, and find ways to cope. If we just keep running, we pay a price physically, mentally, emotionally, and yes spiritually.

There are many ways to release stress. There are relaxation techniques, listening to quiet music, being in nature, prayer, meditation or any way that quiets you. Next to prayer, my preference is meditation. Back in the 1970s, I began trying to meditate to various kinds of music, but my
attempts were not successful. That is until I discovered Spectrum Suite by Steven Halpern. This type of healing music was new back then, and I was ecstatic when I found it. I responded to it immediately, and used it for many years.

Then a few years ago, I developed a chronic health challenge that keeps me so wired up, I can't handle stress normally, and I'm in a constant state of stress. Over the years, my Halpern cassette tape wore out and lost some of its quality, so I gave up even trying to meditate. But recently, a friend gave me a brand new CD of Spectrum Suite, now called Chakra Suite. Blessings do come when we need them. I'm just beginning to meditate again, so I do need practice, but I know that with Halpern's music, the peace I found in the past is mine again.

Steven Halpern has a number of albums out now dealing with sound, relaxation, angels, inner peace, yoga, massage, and others. Per the brochure enclosed with the CD, "What you won't hear are recognizable melodies, familiar chord progressions or a continuous rhythm, as is found in most music. You are able to respond in a more healing intuitive, rather than intellectual manner. You can listen to this music as background, or meditatively, especially with headphones, and it produces an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect. And it reminds us that we are human be-ings...not human do-ings." Check out Halprn's music on Amazon, and read about his different albums. I intend to get a couple more myself.

There's much love, peace and harmony within each of us, if we turn off each day's noise for a while and take the time and effort to go inside and find it. Let's tune into the part of us that's real, that's remarkable, that's beautiful. That's who we really are. Turn off the clutter, and let your true self shine.

I wish you many peaceful moments.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fear And Faith

All of our emotions are here to help us. They provide opportunities for us to overcome inner obstacles and to grow and live more fully. Hopefully as we experience life, we begin to see what brings pain and what brings joy and peace. For some, this seems to happen naturally, while others struggle with life as they go along.

Fear is one emotion with which we're very familiar. It's an emotion we create in response to a real or imagined threat. It can be our friend if it alerts us to a real threat so we can do what's necessary to protect ourself. But what about all those threats our mind creates? Do you ever play the "What if" game? What if they don't like me. What if I don't get the job. What if I can't accomplish something. And on and on. Do you feel the fear rising? Yes, we often fall into this trap. And it hurts. So how do we get out of it?

Feed your faith, and your fears will starve to death. Author Unknown

Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark. Rabindranath Tagore

Faith is Divine energy, and it helps transform people and situations. But like fear, it can be a friend or an enemy. Faith is related to belief, and we put a lot of faith in what we believe to be true. When we believe in things like love, wholeness and plenty, they will manifest. And when we misuse our faith and believe in illness, lack or discord, those will manifest.

So maybe you should ask yourself, what do I believe to be true? What do I trust? And how can I know what's true? Think about it. When you put your faith in some sort of adversity, such as illness or lack, don't you feel conflict somewhere inside? And when you put your faith in wholeness and plenty, don't you feel peace inside? Spirit within will tell you the difference. That you can trust.

We spend a lot of time being afraid of something. And there are times when we feel we don't have enough faith. But we've been given an endless supply--a gift from our Creator. Kalil Gibran says, "Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof." It's our inheritance as children of the Universe, and it's ours to develop and use without fear. Practice being aware of your feelings, and when fear appears, meet it with whatever faith you have. Then keep your focus on truth, and your awareness of faith will increase. And your faith will be sufficient.

I wish you faith as you overcome fear.