Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Everything in the universe moves in cycles. I think this is something we rarely think about, but these cycles are necessary to life. The moon tells the oceans when to ebb and flow, the seasons tell us when to sow and reap, and darkness tells us when our day should end. Everything is constantly in cycle, and each cycle offers some kind of rebirth. Most of these rebirths are subtle and go unnoticed. We take so much for granted. But we could find much joy in life if we consciously allowed ourselves to experience these changes as they come. When we wake up each morning, yesterday is gone, and we're given a brand new chance. Isn't that spectacular?

My favorite time for rebirth comes each spring. That's when trees turn green, flowers burst forth from buds, bears come out of their caves, butterflies emerge from their cocoons, cats lay in the warm sun, and newness of life is everywhere. One of my fondest childhood memories is when I was in elementary school in Michigan, and I went on a field trip to see the tulips blooming. When I saw the life in that field of tulips, I felt life in myself, like we were part of each other in God's great universe. It's all laid out in perfect order for us to enjoy.

Nature is beautiful in the spring with rebirth everywhere. But what about us? Do you ever think about rebirth within yourself, or are you content to continue living in the old script you've written for your life? Everyone creates a script. It's like a recipe for living, and we act it out every day. We may have visions or dreams of how we'd like to change it, but most of the time those fade away, and our springs come and go as they always have.

How about taking a lesson from the tulips, or the butterflies, or like the bear, be brave enough to come out of your cave. Within each of us is a Light so bright you can write a whole new script for yourself and experience rebirth with those visions and dreams you've allowed to go unfulfilled. We've been given the gift of rebirth, a chance to allow the old scripts to die as we blossom anew.

Think about what rebirth within you would mean. Size doesn't matter. Little blossoms are as beautiful as the big ones. It's springtime. Just accept your rebirth and blossom in your own way.

Spread your wings anew.



  1. So much truth in all you say.
    I seem to be hyper alert this year to the re=birthing all around me.

  2. I have gone through my own rebirth previously by pulling myself out of the sex trade and now as I embark on a journey to a new place and a new life with a man I love. Thank you for the excellent post!