Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steven Halpern's Music

Sometimes life isn't easy, and each day we face bumps in the road on our journey. I think life's pretty good most of the time, but there's usually enough stuff on our path to cause some anxiety, worry and stress. So each day we need to say stop, and find ways to cope. If we just keep running, we pay a price physically, mentally, emotionally, and yes spiritually.

There are many ways to release stress. There are relaxation techniques, listening to quiet music, being in nature, prayer, meditation or any way that quiets you. Next to prayer, my preference is meditation. Back in the 1970s, I began trying to meditate to various kinds of music, but my
attempts were not successful. That is until I discovered Spectrum Suite by Steven Halpern. This type of healing music was new back then, and I was ecstatic when I found it. I responded to it immediately, and used it for many years.

Then a few years ago, I developed a chronic health challenge that keeps me so wired up, I can't handle stress normally, and I'm in a constant state of stress. Over the years, my Halpern cassette tape wore out and lost some of its quality, so I gave up even trying to meditate. But recently, a friend gave me a brand new CD of Spectrum Suite, now called Chakra Suite. Blessings do come when we need them. I'm just beginning to meditate again, so I do need practice, but I know that with Halpern's music, the peace I found in the past is mine again.

Steven Halpern has a number of albums out now dealing with sound, relaxation, angels, inner peace, yoga, massage, and others. Per the brochure enclosed with the CD, "What you won't hear are recognizable melodies, familiar chord progressions or a continuous rhythm, as is found in most music. You are able to respond in a more healing intuitive, rather than intellectual manner. You can listen to this music as background, or meditatively, especially with headphones, and it produces an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect. And it reminds us that we are human be-ings...not human do-ings." Check out Halprn's music on Amazon, and read about his different albums. I intend to get a couple more myself.

There's much love, peace and harmony within each of us, if we turn off each day's noise for a while and take the time and effort to go inside and find it. Let's tune into the part of us that's real, that's remarkable, that's beautiful. That's who we really are. Turn off the clutter, and let your true self shine.

I wish you many peaceful moments.


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  1. I love Steve Halpern, even though I can't recall the CD's I have by him. I'm pretty sure I don't have Spectrum Suite but am gong right now to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I used to go to sleep at night to this kind of gentle, peaceful, relaxing music. I may just tru it again!