Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If and When were planted, and Nothing grew. Proverb

This morning I looked around my house at all the stuff I've been meaning to do but haven't done. I've become a procrastinator. I didn't used to be one of those, but now that I'm dealing with a health challenge and have little energy, I only get done what I need to do, like cooking meals, paying bills, getting my toilet fixed, correcting errors the pharmacy makes, preparing short presentations for church and my writing group's yearly celebration, putting gas in the car, etc. You know, stuff like that. But my house is a mess, my yard has almost died, I'm rationing my socks until I can get to the laundry, and most important, I haven't been doing my soul growth activities, like soul-searching, meditation, music, laughter, spreading love around, etc. You know, stuff I recommend for others to do. Well, I told myself to get cracking and stop procrastinating. But that's not easy, is it.

Knowing that millions of other people also procrastinate is not much consolation, because I know we're each responsible for our own life. But I can share what I'm now saying to myself about this malady.

When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that in itself is a choice. William James

1. First, will power probably won't change anything. I use will power every day, and nothing happens.
2. Close your eyes, look inside with an honest heart and identify what is holding you back. Is it fear, fatigue, illness, boredom, unclear goals, perfectionism, distractions? What?
3. If you find limiting beliefs about yourself and/or your world, confront them and gently let them go, replacing those beliefs with truth.
4. Find ways to correct and/or work around any other limiting situations. Rest when you're tired. Clarify goals. Accept your imperfection (we're all imperfect), etc. Put some laughter in your life. People are not bored when they're laughing.
5. Make a list of things you've been putting off. Then break them down into smaller tasks. (When things pile up, we become overwhelmed and immobilized) List-making gives you a sense of power, control and motivation, because you no longer have all that stuff running around in your head.
6. Take one task at a time from your list, ignore everything else, and time yourself. Work for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, you name it. Then leave it for a while and do something pleasant. Walk outside, sing, take a nap, whatever. You may have to address a need to stay with something until it's done. But unless it's a requirement on your job, you have a choice. Use your power of choice.

Accept yourself as you are now. There's nothing wrong with you. We're all a work in progress. Give yourself time, and be patient with you. And find someone to give you a hug and reassurance. If you can't find anyone, Spirit within will give you a hug. Just ask.

I wish you lots of hugs.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Earth Energy

The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light. Joseph Campbell

Two of the presenters on the Healing With The Masters series, Patricia Cota-Robles and Maureen Moss, discussed some ideas that resonate with me, and I would like to share them. I would also appreciate some comments.

Our solar system is moving and shifting, and we're living in a unique moment on earth. Now is a critical time when our true self can claim the truth of who and what we are. Our ego self has created a world of chaos, fear, limitations, and confusion, but this negative energy is now being pushed up to be released and replaced with an incredible light. It is our responsibility to rise to a higher energy vibration and return to the Divine plan for us. Lofty ideas? A lofty intention? Of course. But do you really believe that this world is now the way is was created to be?

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming. Helen Keller

How do we get distracted from our lofty goals? First, we're stuck in false beliefs that we believe are true. So we use our creative powers based on these false beliefs, and we live in our lower nature. Then we get caught up in what's going on in the world, and we end up surviving instead of thriving. We get tired and burned out. But we're now living in a time when we can break free, and we need to look past appearances and envision what the Light within tells us is true.

Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity. Edwin Hubbel Chapin.

We have created disconnect, but in truth everything is connected. Our energy is powerful, and one person can transmit light energy in thousands of people. Research tells us that a person who is prayed for heals faster than someone not prayed for. Every experience is an opportunity to add to the light of the world, depending upon what energy we are releasing.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

It may seem impossible that what takes place in each individual can bring about change in the whole world. But what you see in the world today was created by individuals. If you light one candle, that light can eventually be seen around the world, and our world can be united in harmony.

We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. Marian Wright Edelman

We need to wake up. Don't be satisfied to live in the ways of the world. Change your mind, and join the many other souls on earth who are rising to a higher energy vibration. Commit to change. Intend to change. Fill your life with happy music, laughter, joyous energy. Learn to love yourself. Embrace yourself with a full heart of love, and share this love with the world. Love heals.

You are not alone. Everything you need is within you. Spirit is there. Ask. Now is the crucial time. Be willing to do the work, and choose to be a part of a peaceful, loving world.

May you be blessed in the light.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Self-Discovery 2

As all children do, when you were growing up you wrote a script about who and what you are. And your script probably had some descriptions about you such as: stupid, unworthy, unimportant, clumsy, sickly, incapable, etc, etc. Or you can look inside and come up with what your individual script says about you. Then you can scratch all of that off, because that's not who and what you are. In truth you're beautiful, bright, worthy, strong, capable, brave, poised, etc, etc. And since you're an offspring of your Creator, you are love, peace, light, joy and much more of the same. Wow. What a spectacular creation.

So how do you turn off the script and turn on the truth? This is a lifetime endeavor (I'm still working on it), but the longer you continue discovering your true self, the more your true self will emerge. Go slow at first, and be realistic and reasonable. Self-awareness is very important, but no one can catch and correct everything. If you were riding down a river in a boat, you couldn't count every wave on your way. But you could be aware of whether the water is calm or choppy. It it's calm, you enjoy. It it's choppy, you guide with the oars. Then you get where you're going in a more peaceful state.

Your heart knows your song, but you have to be willing to listen to the words. Sue Rock

When you want to work on something, you need to know what needs attention. Making a list will help clarify how you see yourself--your strengths and your weaknesses--the thoughts, words and actions you use in your daily life. With this list, you can identify what you want to release and what you want to keep. Make no judgments, good or bad. Just be aware.

1. Upon awakening each morning, state your intention: Today I look forward to discovering more of my true self.
2. Practice awareness: Thoughts direct our feelings, words, and actions, so stay in touch with your feelings. Then identify the thought that created the feeling. Listen to what your body is telling you. If something doesn't feel good, it's coming from the script thinking. Otherwise, it's your true self.
3. Confront and release any script thoughts (limiting beliefs), and embrace your true self. Example: I know you, script thought, and I deny that you have any power over me. I release you, and I affirm my true self as one with my Creator.

Your script self may never totally disappear (at least not in this life), but take your time and allow your life to unfold in new ways. This can be interesting, even exciting. Don't criticize your failures, but always celebrate your successes.

Most important, love and accept yourself, move through your life with your head high and your shoulders back, and claim the divine self that you are.

Welcome to the real you.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A child's life is like a piece of paper on which each person leaves a mark. Chinese Proverb

We come into the world with a kind of innocence about us, but as time passes we begin to believe all kinds of ideas from our environment about ourselves, other people, and our world. We create many different selves, or aspects of personality, with ideas that may be false. Our true self seems to get lost along the way, as we begin writing our life script according to what we've been told. In the process of creating who we think we are, we forget who we really are. And our false self seems real. Sounds complicated, but that's what we do.

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you. Louise Hay

Since we believe our creation to be real, that seems to be the one we live in most of the time. Then we seldom stop to question why we struggle through life on such an uphill climb. We say That's just the way life is. But is it?

There is a voice inside which speaks and says: This is the real me. William James

We live in two worlds, and although we sense a separation between these worlds, we're not a divided being. It's our limiting beliefs that silently echo in our human mind that cloud our sense of true self, our oneness with all of who we are. Although we spend much of our time relating to our physical world, every human being hears that inner voice. But how often do we listen? How often do we set our thoughts on that voice and discover what's there?

We want our human self to reflect our divine self, but self-knowledge is essential for us to discover and express who we really are. As we become more aware and peal off the layers of limiting beliefs, we expand our consciousness in truth. Then when we learn to blend our two worlds in harmony, we no longer feel fragmented, and we experience the joy of self.

Implanted in each of us is the desire for our true self to grow and unfold, to express our divinity. We're so amazing. We need to let our greatness show. But this takes a conscious intention to study, learn and experience truth.

Stay tuned, and next week I'll suggest some ways for you to confront those limiting beliefs and begin to get acquainted with your self.

I wish you beauty in anticipation.