Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Give Up

If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill

If we fall into a hole, we work hard to get out of it. If the car breaks down, we try to get it fixed. If we get sick, we try to get help. If we lose our job, we look for another. If we have a dream, we think about pursuing it. And thousands of other issues that take our time and energy. The climb can get steep, leaving us exhausted. And sometimes we say to hell with it, and we go to bed with covers over our head to block it all out. Many people come to a place like this in their life. But is there another way to handle the mess without giving up and letting life slide by while we spend years treading water? Where's the sunshine?

The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. Ivy Baker Priest

You can't see the future. You can only deal with now. But now must be dealt with if you want to be free. Even if you feel you've no energy left, you can't give up and surrender to the status quo. What you're looking at every day is not all there is. There is also you. One of the greatest parts of your life is you. Have you been missing that? If you give up, you might not find you, and what a loss that would be.

It's easier to move forward when you stop--when you take time every day to stop, get quiet, go inside and see what your soul wants for you. Not for all the issues you're dealing with, but for you. So you don't have time to stop? Yeah, you do, if you schedule it. You won't do it if you don't schedule it. It won't be easy, but when you find you, the other stuff will get easier.
1. Keep a running 'to do' list. Upgrade it every night, prioritize, check things off as you accomplish them. Oh, you're not a list type person? Well, maybe discipline is one of your lessons in this life. If that's you, what a wonderful discovery.
2. Organize your errands, and change the way you do some things. Include music in your life every day--and sing along. You don't have to feel like it. Just loosen up and do it, and you might find a smile you didn't know was there.
3. Schedule time for you every day, and don't begrudge yourself the time. Enjoy it.
4. Start each day affirming love. It will fill your heart and go where it's needed.
5. End each day with gratitude. If you look, you'll find a lot to be grateful for.
6. Never criticize. Always praise.

If you have a dream for yourself that will express who you are, pursue it. Do what is yours to do each day, but find your own personal light and let it shine. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Discovering you is an ongoing adventure, and there's always more to discover. So stay on the journey, and don't give up. You're worth it.

I wish you happy hunting.


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  1. Marilyn, you are always quick to commend my writing, but I've got to tell you you've got this blog writing down pat. Your messages are always heartfelt, to the point, informative and well written. I love your quotes. I especially love the positive energy you send out to the world via your blog.