Monday, September 5, 2011


More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny. Anthony Robbins

Look around at your life. What you see reflects your past decisions, thus the life you've created for yourself. Are you happy with what you see, or would you like to change something? It's going to change anyway--nothing stands still--but the quality depends upon the method you use for making decisions. Stuff happens, and you can't control everything, but for a better tomorrow, it's wise to look at what you're doing today.

Since we live our lives from the inside out, it helps to explore what's going on inside and the actions we take as a result. Are you impulsive or a worrier? Do you go on automatic and end up in regret? Do you have unfulfilled dreams because you're scared to reach out and take a chance? How would you rate yourself as a decision maker?

Make decisions from the heart, and use your head to make it work out. Sir Girad

My decisions brought much regret in my life until I learned from one magnificent success. At age 47, against advice from family, I returned to school to work in the mental health field. I had no savings, no money for school, and I had to quit my job and move to another city. Looking back I can't believe I was so brave, but friends helped me in the other city, and I went for it. I got a job, a school loan, my own apartment, and excelled in school. And I began a new life. That's when I learned something about making wise decisions. Since then, I also learned to forgive myself for the times I forgot to be wise and goofed up.

We're faced with thousands of decisions in our life, but whether we have a major or minor one, the process is the same.
1. Keep your needs and wants clear. Is it a need or a want, and what are you willing to pay for it?
2. Be patient and gather all the information you can about the issue. What will it take to manifest? What is the best direction for you to take? What resources will you need.?
3. Never make a decision based on fear. What if I make a mistake? What if I can't make it happen? Etc. Just turn your fear to healthy caution.
4. Look inside for guidance. What is your heart telling you?
5. Be enthusiastic about the potential outcome. Stay committed, but flexible.
6. When ready, take action, and be prepared to accept the outcome. And know you did your best--no matter what.

We're all learning, so don't look for perfection. Learning just makes life easier. Make it fun along the way.


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  1. I've made some pretty dumb and detrimental decisions in my life. I think your list should be framed on my wall as a reminder.

    "Use your head to make decisions from the heart work out." Now that is good advice.

    P.S. Hope you have a grand time in one of my favorite places.