Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Walk Your Journey

It is only when we silent sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands on the doorsteps of our hearts. K.T. Long

I've been listening to interviews on the Healing With The Masters series, and one in particular by Marise Karlin reminded me of how hectic our lives are and how much we need to include quiet in each day. We rush from one problem to another, collecting mental and emotional junk on our way. We hang onto it somewhere inside and don't take time to clean it out and replace it with things like peace, harmony, joy, contentment and all the good stuff that makes life worthwhile. And we miss those precious moments that we let slip by.

Everything in the universe is energy. Each individual has a vibrational connection to the oneness of all, and we each connect into the whole. Our energies affect one another in a positive or negative way. Life is full of triggers that push our buttons and tend to move us into negative vibrations. Your boss yells at you, a store clerk is rude, someone doesn't understand you, being in the presence of someone in a bad mood. Difficult and/or painful situations are endless. And sometimes we respond in kind instead of choosing to respond in peace. What a cycle in which to live our life. The sad part is that we don't learn to live another way. Maybe we don't even know that's where we are.

We may be a part of the universal whole, but we can choose the kind of energy we want to receive or project in the universe. There is within each of us a Source of peace that transcends our human flesh, and we can learn to connect with this Source as needed. What a great sense of freedom when we're no longer at the mercy of someone else's trigger, or just from everyday stressors we all encounter.

Today, there are many ways available to learn relaxation techniques, and there are things you can do to bring harmony into your life. Embrace the healing power of music and nature to encourage wellbeing in your body, mind and spirit. Have you ever noticed how flowers and plants have a healing influence when a person's dealing with a health challenge? And how about smiling to activate healing chemicals in your brain.

Stop resisting and pushing at all that clutter and junk that crosses your path. Be quiet, take a deep breath, and reconnect with the Divine within. Then meet each challenge from a place of calm assertiveness. Practice inner quiet until you can assume a quiet mind at will. Maintain a serene heart. And just walk your journey.

I wish you a peaceful walk.


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