Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The People In Your Life

Life is accepting what is and working from that. Gloria Naylor

I just returned from Seattle visiting my son and his family. Every year or two I visit them and my daughter's family in Dallas. Not enough time to spend with people I love. Each trip reminds me again of how distant families and friends are today. In earlier times, life wasn't like that. People stayed close and spent their whole lives together sharing all those little tender moments that really aren't little. They're what life is about, and their importance can't be measured. I know life changes, but did that have to change too? Yeah, I guess it did.

Separation of family and friends is a normal way of life now. And maybe that's okay for those who've never known a different way. But I wonder if sometimes they wish friends and family were not so scattered so they could drop in for coffee, ride in a friend's new car, visit when a child is sick, help a mother walk when she gets old, find joy at a baptism or cry together at a funeral, or get frequent hugs from those they love. Companionship feeds our soul and is absolutely necessary for us to flourish.

It's been said that we don't miss what we've never had, and maybe that's true. But for some of us who remember, we have to adjust and find new people in our lives and feel grateful for those who are still near us to fill our need for community, our need to express love in person. That's not to say there aren't people in our lives who grate on our nerves, and maybe we'd like a little distance from them, but those are the ones who help us grow the most. So we need people like that too.

Every single thing changes, and is changing always in this world. Yet, with the same light the moon goes on shining. Saigyo

I missed watching my grandchildren grow up, and I've missed many of the day-to-day encounters with my children and some of my friends but, oh, how I treasure the memories of times we were together. Maybe I appreciate them all the more because those times were infrequent. I would rather have had things different, but I believe there's good in everything, and the situation has taught me to appreciate what I might have taken for granted otherwise.

We're all on our own journey, and it's wonderful to travel together, but I guess each of us has to take our own route. So grab on to every minute you have with someone you love, and put it somewhere in your heart for safekeeping. Life isn't always what we want, but it can be a blessing when we make it so.

Love them here or there.


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