Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging On To Stuff

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own. Bruce Lee

I just finished helping a friend pack everything she owned to move to another city. She's alone, but the 26 foot truck was packed full, with left-overs packed solid in her car. And this was after her moving sale. Wow! The experience was so enlightening, I'm now ready to back up and take a look at my own life. I was reminded of how attached we become to stuff we no longer need or use, and how reluctant we are to part with any of it.

I think of Grandma's favorite tea set, Uncle Joe's old baseball cap, a lamp I bought at a garage sale that didn't match anything, the skirt I wore when I had a 23 inch waist, and mounds of stuff that's entirely useless to anyone, especially me. Even my file cabinets are overflowing with receipts 10 years old. So why do some of us hang on? (God bless those who don't)

It comes down to attachment, and we delude ourselves into thinking we can't live without it. Maybe someday I'll need it? Memories of loved ones are related to it? I get a strange sense of security from having stuff? My identity is tied up in it? Who know for sure? What I know now is that most of it has to go. I'm still reluctant though, because I remember a time when there was some unclaimed property coming to me from the state if I could prove that I lived at a certain address many years previously. Well, wouldn't you know. I happened to have a tax return from when I lived at that very address, and I received some money. See why I don't want to throw anything away? Hey. What if I need it.

Lame excuses. Life is not about things. It's about making memories that warm our hearts in the cold times. It's about discovering who and what we are and learning and growing into more of what we want to be. It's about finding love, peace and meaning within and sharing it with others and our world. We are beautiful creations living in a world that needs our daily love and attention. Life is what matters--an adventure to be lived. Attachment to things takes needed energy and space, so don't be afraid to let go. Cleaning out what you no longer need makes room for the Universe to bless you with all that you do need. And that's a pretty good trade off.

I wish you space in your life to grow.


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