Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Open The Package

You don't know what's in the package until you open it. Unknown

When you receive a package do you spend time examining it, shaking it, and guessing what's inside? Do you assume what the package might contain? And does the wrapping affect your attitude about the contents? Well, this is what we sometimes do with life situations, and then we miss something wonderful because the situation doesn't come wrapped in a pretty package. We quickly judge something and assume it's not worthwhile, not what we want, so we discard it without looking past appearances. It might be wise to take a deeper look.

Assumptions allow the best in life to pass you by. John Sales

Many years ago, I was searching for a job in my field, but the only one I could find was with a mental health team in a county jail--definitely not what I had in mind. But I took the job until I could find something I wanted. I performed as required, but my attitude was not productive until I began to open the package and notice the many unexpected challenges and rewards in my work. I gradually realized I was in the right place. And I stayed in a job I loved for 10 years. I would have missed this rewarding experience if I had clung to my assumptions and left for something else.

Another time I had a supervisor who seemed to push my buttons every time we encountered each other. This package was certainly not wrapped in pretty paper. But I took the time to examine my own attitude and look beyond our differences. I was quite surprised to find we had a lot in common, much upon which to build a good relationship. As time passed, we became friends, and I remember her with a warm heart instead of with my initial assumption.

There are many times in life when the people, places and situations we encounter are quite different from our first impression. Things aren't always what they seem. It's often worth our time and effort to look past the wrapping, open the package without judgment and find what's really there. At least we won't have to look back and wonder what might have been.

I wish you happy surprises.


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  1. I'd never really thought about it before - that people and circumstances can be like presents, all wrapped in pretty bows or in wrinkled newspaper. You just don't know what's inside til you look. Kind of like one of those rocks - a geode? - that you crack open and there are lots of shiny crystals inside.