Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Take The Time

Last night I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup, because my body said the time for potato salad and cold cuts has passed, a reminder that a new cycle is beginning. The fall season is a time when nature seems to pull back, a time of replenishing to meet the next growing season in the spring. Days are growing shorter, bears are readying for hibernation, birds think about flying south, animals are growing their winter coats, leaves are turning to yellow and orange, and we humans are being told to slow down. Nature knows what to do, but we don't seem to hear our inner wisdom.

I live in Florida, so I would think the rules for seasonal changes wouldn't apply to me. But our bodies have an inside clock that thrives on rhythm, and although that rhythm may vary in different climates, we are a part of that universal cycle affecting all of life. Everything is made of energy, and when energy is spent, we need reminders to take our attention from summer's busy activities to the quiet within where we can take a slower pace while still fulfilling what is ours to do each day. Nature is a beautiful reminder of this transition, like my craving hot soup.

During the summer's longer days, our attention is more focused on the outer. But now is the time for some quiet inside reflection on where we've been and where we want to go. Insight we gain during quiet times leads to a better understanding of our inner self and promotes changes for a more positive future.

It's so easy to spin the same wheels in the same manner, and find we're just treading water. We need these periods of reflection to grow into more of what we want to be. Take some time to slow down and allow each cycle of life to unfold a more clear and meaningful direction.

I wish you time to be.


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