Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here in Florida when we see a hurricane coming our way, some people prepare for the onslaught. And some don't. That's how I see 2012--the earth's energy is shifting, and this is a year of great change. Look around the world and notice what you see--unrest and upheaval everywhere. Even Mother Nature is on a rampage. You might say that none of this has anything to do with you, but if you live on the planet earth, this negative energy can influence every area of your life.

Our outer world generally involves health, relationships, work, finances, household, etc. And oooh, how complicated managing all this can become--in fact, chaotic. This is a time when old ways will not work as they have in the past. But each of us has the power to set up a new direction for our life. Old habits die hard, but they can be replaced by a wiser, stronger and more fulfilling path. I don't buy the dooms day theory, but it sounds like a storm to me. So I figure I might as well prepare before I get physically, mentally and spiritually caught up in the chaos.

Storms make the oak grow deeper roots. George Herbert

Many people just do what they've always done and aren't aware of behavior patterns. But you have to understand what you're doing before you can change it. So here goes my first list of life issues--what do I do and how do I do it? That's a biggy by itself. But now, with more clarity, I can create a direction for change. This time I'm aiming for simplicity with a statement of intention (that's powerful). I'll create a plan to clear out old ways and situations, and shift my energy to new ways of living. Clutter holds stagnate energy and impedes forward movement, so the clutter has to go. That's a big job, but it will free up the energy I need to address my issues.

I'll create a list of changes I want to make and organize my time to do it. I'll pay attention to details, take note of what I've overlooked in the past, and work on developing a different way of life. And I'll put reminders around my house, so I don't get lost in my old patterns. Each night as I review my progress, I'll express gratitude for the good I found that day.

The idea of moving out of the old into the new seems like gigantic undertaking, but it will be good to face each day knowing I'm moving forward with more peace and love. And maybe I can share some of it with a world much in need of what I'm finding now.

Next week--the inner work.


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  1. I''ve started an online class about improvisation. This week has been about "change" and watching how we move from one "segment" of life to another. I'm realizing, I just kind of float from here to there. Paying attention as I cross from one to another (i.e. get up, eat breakfast, etc) has been more difficult than I realized.

    Yours are good ideas.