Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Are A Miracle Maker

I think miracles exist in part as gifts and in part as clues that there is something beyond the flat world we see. Peggy Noonan

When I was a child I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, and I went on wonderful trips around the world. I tromped through snow with polar bears, and I danced in my beautiful hula skirt in Hawaii. I flew like an eagle and I sang like an angel. I rode on trains, boats and airplanes, and I climbed the highest mountains. Of course I did. I was a child, and I could live in my child mind where I could be, have and do anything I wanted. I was a miracle maker, and sometimes my dreams came true.

Oh, sometimes I got sick. And I felt lonely. And I cried. And sometimes I felt angry when Mama said no. There were days when life wasn't what I wanted it to be, but I didn't have to let it ruin the good stuff. I remember how it felt to lie on the grass and make things out of the clouds in the sky, or chase the seagulls up and down the beach. Or watch a butterfly flit from one flower to another. And I remember the smell of fresh bread coming from the bakery next to my grandpa's house. And I used to put records on the phonograph and dance to the music. I was a miracle maker, and sometimes my dreams came true.

Miracles happen everyday. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you. Jon Bon Jovi

Then my world began to change, and I had to grow up and act like a grown-up. Get real--get your head out of the clouds--get a life. And I forgot how to create my miracles. Did they have to disappear? Could I get them back? What a miracle it would be for me to awaken my inner child and recapture that miracle part of myself--that part that can replace chaos with peace, soften conflict with love, and comfort sorrow with joy. And discover the greatest miracle of all--the miracle maker.

Open your heart and look past appearances. Don't let life cloud your mind and rob you of your dreams. Miracles happen when you make it so. Be the miracle maker you are, and sometimes your dreams will come true.

I wish you many happy miracles.


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  1. Sue Bender said "Miracles happen after a lot of hard work." I used to read this on a poster every time I entered my therapist''s office. Finally the truth of it hit me. I was working hard at getting better, yet every step forward felt like a miracle.