Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Two Of You

Two people have been living in you all your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating: the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to--you have uncovered in yourself your own wise guide. Sogyal Rinpoche

In each of us there is our ego self and our true self, and we function from both of them. Both are intrinsically good, but when the ego takes in negative and untrue information from the outside world it may steer us in directions unlike our true nature. Our spiritual journey unfolds as we work with our ego self to be more in harmony with our true self--to become an expression of who we really are. And it's important to understand both parts to work toward unity and wholeness.

Your ego is your conscious self that sees the world through knowledge learned from the outside as you developed your personality and belief system. It's the part that thinks, feels and acts. With your ego you can experience the illusion of separation and limitation. You may feel vulnerable and insecure, and use control to protect yourself. When you feel anything that you deem as negative, you're identifying with your ego. Life is not what you want it to be, and you experience mistakes, regret, guilt, etc. And this feels very real.

Your true self is completely aware of your true nature with unwavering knowledge that you're not anything that limits the expression of your spiritual self. It involves the love and peace you long for, and always promotes union instead of separation. Wisdom from your true self wants to flow freely through your ego self and be expressed in your life.

It's been said the ego should be the servant, not the master, and we need a strong healthy ego to express our true self. So if we're to find the love and peace we long for, our ego must learn to stop and listen to the voice of truth inside to lead us on our spiritual journey. And this must involve teaching our ego self who we truly are--spiritual beings with divine qualities.

If you maintain your ego perspective that's contrary to your true self perspective, there's conflict between the two. But hang on. There's hope for harmony. With time and patience, you can move out of limiting chains into freedom to express truth in your life.

Awareness is the key to change. Next week I'll talk about ways to identify and correct your ego's misguided tools for living.

Be happy.


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