Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time Out

I had a blog subject in mind for today, but the monster flu bug attacked me before I could put my thoughts on paper. So here I sit waiting to see who gets the best of this conflict--me or the bug. A long time ago, I got a flu shot, and then got so sick with the flu I couldn't get out of bed. So no flu shots since. Maybe I should have reconsidered it this year.

I rarely get stuff from bugs like most people. On a daily basis I deal with a variety of chronic illnesses. And while you never get used to these things, I've learned to cope. I take one day at a time, use self-talk, meditate, and allow myself some time to experience my feelings instead of fighting them. But my chronic illnesses is another story. For now, I'm dealing with something I rarely experience, so I'm feeling my way along.

I haven't been to see a doctor. They usually prescribe an antibiotic for everything, including viruses. But antibiotics don't touch a virus, so what's the point--except maybe to contribute to our health system's profits. Illness is the most profitable business in our country--I read it's more profitable than oil.

Anyway, I went to the health food store and got some olive leaf extract, extra vitamin C, and zinc lozenges. Also got some ibuprofen for the pain, extra tissues for whatever comes up and green tea with lots of honey. I thought about making hot toddies with the honey, but I don't drink anymore, so the honey is okay just in the tea.

Well, now the flu bug seems to be weakening, so I'll probably win this battle. I'm so weak though, it will take a while for me to go through a normal day--one in which I cook food, and get hungry enough to eat it. One in which I don't lay in bed coughing, moaning, aching, not sleeping, and feeling like I'd have to die to feel better. And saying, "This too shall pass."

Sorry about today. But on the other hand, maybe I needed to vent. So thank you for listening. Also, everything is in Divine Order, so maybe some of you are also suffering with the flu and need support. If so, hang in there. It really does pass. I know it's not much comfort to say that challenges make us stronger. But look back at some of yours, even the small ones, and see the strength you gained from some of them. And know you will get through each challenge as it comes.

Love yourself. You're worth it.


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  1. M,
    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Take it easy. I'm not so far away if you need something. Call me.