Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ad Lib

Today I'll have to ad lib, since I didn't have anything ready ahead of time. I just returned from Dallas visiting my daughter and her family, and while I'm tired, I'm still filled with the wonder of being with people I love and miss. Everything went great except for a few days without air conditioning in 106 and 107 degree temperatures. Luckily they have 2 units, one for the bedrooms and one for the rest of the house, and only the main house was affected. We were able to sleep, and now we can look back and laugh about eating dinner on a card table in the bedrooms to stay cool. I'm glad we all have a sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, I'm writing a new book, a fictional story written in southern dialect entitled, Me And Granmama In The Hill Country. It's a story by the narrator (me) relating memories of being raised with her little brother and sister by their Granmama in the hill country. Every chapter is an adventure with some humor and wisdom in each one. I'm having fun creating a life for this family. Recently, at my writer's group yearly celebration, I presented a skit in costume, complete with a hat and long pigtails, and recited the first chapter of my new book from memory using southern dialect. Now this skit is on YouTube. It can be found on YouTube at, Me And Granmama In The Hill Country Chapter 1.

When I went to Dallas, I took my costume with me and recited the skit for my family. We had a good laugh together, and it was wonderful sharing our lives in person, if only for that little while. I know how important that is, but a visit reminds me to never take the people in my life for granted. They're precious gifts to be treasured. Sharing our life with those we love enriches our own life. I'm trying to include that wisdom in my new book, and I hope this message will reach the hearts and minds of readers.

Share your love and it will come back to you.


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  1. Yeah you!
    By the time the Chats meet again you should be well on your way with the new project.