Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Ways To Survive Life's Hurricanes

Sometimes hurricanes miss the state of Florida. Sometimes they don't. But if you live here long enough, you will experience one. I'm praying for everyone and everything in the path of the one that left Florida and is now moving through the gulf.

As I watch the news, I'm reminded of the similarity between hurricanes and life's challenges. As long as we're in the human condition, we will experience storms involving our health, finances, relationships, work etc. Sometimes those storms are a category one, and sometimes a five, but all affect life in some way. Just as a hurricane zone is where you find hurricanes, life is where you find challenges, and how we handle them determines how much devastation is left behind.

When I was a teenager, my cousin and I sneaked out of the house and went to see what the ocean looked like during a hurricane on Daytona Beach. The winds were so strong that our bodies were forced into a 45 degree angle to the ground, and we had to walk on all fours to get there. I still remember the breathtaking sight as the white ocean foam thrashed in mighty torrents all the way out to the dark threatening sky far beyond. After the storm passed, the ocean and its ocean life fell back to earth to recover, regroup and once again assume it's beautiful place in the world. In my life, I've experienced some life challenges that felt like being in that violent, raging atmosphere that left me exhausted and wondering if I would recover. But I did.

I know hurricanes, and I know life challenges. And over the years I've learned from them. We deal with both in similar ways.

1. Stay prepared: Don't wait until something is upon you to prepare for it. Just as physical structures need to be made strong to face hurricane winds, so we need to maintain strength within us to face life's challenges when they come. Keep your body, mind and spirit as healthy and strong as you can on an ongoing basis. Meet each day with love, peace and gratitude, and your strength will be there when you need it.

2. Action: With a clear mind do what is yours to do in every situation. Examine and define the problem. Don't cloud the issue with worry and fear. Use whatever outer resources you need to correct it, and draw upon your knowledge and inner strength to get through it. And when you're in the midst of the clouds, remind yourself that the sun never really disappears. It's always somewhere above the clouds, just as it's above the hurricane roar. And you will see it again.

3. Recovery: Once a challenge is under control, don't analyze or chew over it. Move on, and congratulate yourself for crossing another hurdle. If it happens to be a chronic situation, and there's no more you can do, draw upon the strength within yourself to live with it in peace.

When life's challenges come, in any form, know that there is in you the strength you need to survive and see the sunshine in your life.

I wish you sunny days.


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