Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ways to Manage Your Energy Level

Everyone needs energy to function, but our energy levels differ. I like to think of energy levels in terms of quarts, pints and less than a pint. The quart people are fired up most of the time, and have to force themselves to slow down. The pint people have all the energy they need to accomplish what they want or need to accomplish each day. And then there are the less than a pint people--people like me. The level of your energy depends on a number of factors--heredity, motivation, need, physical health, life situation, etc.

You may be a person who would like to make better use of the energy you've always had, or you may be someone who's energy has declined, you tire quickly and you feel like a frustrated failure. Sometimes energy can be increased with lifestyle changes, and sometimes not. But whatever your situation, there are ways to deal with the energy you have and produce more of what you want in your life.

I was never a quart person. I was happy being a pint person. I got a lot done and enjoyed every minute of it. However, I retired and developed health issues that knocked me down to less than a pint. My body would no longer keep up with where my mind wanted to go, and I became frustrated with myself, never satisfied with my performance. And that was unacceptable until I devised a way to function with whatever amount of energy I had. I may always be a less than a pint person, but a change in my perspective helps me accomplish what I can and find peace with myself and my situation.

I've always been a list maker, and this enabled me to get more done. I still make lists, but now I don't need to get everything done in one day. I listen to my body and obey what it tells me. I call this method of managing energy Go, Push, and Stop.

1. First make a to do list, and prioritize most important to least important. Then start out when your energy level is at it highest. Your body will tell you when it's that time.
2. As long as your energy is flowing, continue in the Go mode.
3. When you feel your energy level drop, continue in the Push mode.
4. When your body says you're too tired to push, then turn on the Stop mode and stop.

Always obey what your body tells you. Whatever you don't finish can wait until tomorrow or until you rest enough to Push some more. You're in control. You can manage your time and your activities. Who and what you are is not measured by your energy level, so find no fault with yourself. Just do your best whatever your situation, and love who you are.

You are worth loving.


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